Dates:  October 13 -19 (Wednesday - Saturday)  
Tuesday Night Futurity/Maturity 



  • Intersex  Mr Ed Barritt
  • Dogs      Mr. John F. DeHope
  • Bitches   Mr. Michel Chaloux


  • Ms. Dalene McIntire Utility A, Utility B, Open A
  • Mr. Steven Picclinolo Novice A, Open B
  • Ms. Gail Brown Novice B

Agility and Herding and Tracking:

Agility:  Joan Meyer      


  • Ms. Cappy Pruett
  • Mr. Gerard Baudet
  • Ms. Marie-Paule Gherardi


  • Billie French
  • Ralph A. Sneve


 For a Full Catalogue and Details, Use the OFFICIAL GSDC of America Site

Site: The America's Exposition Park, St. Louis, Missouri
Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Wentzville
900 Corporate Way,
Wentzville, MO 63385

Show Chairperson: Debbie Hokkanen

1.HICKORYHILL'S BRICKHOUSE SIRIUS PARK, DL862168/04, 09/27/00. Breeder, Christine Grainger and Lee Parkhurst. By Ch. Hickoryhills Bull Durham, TC, HIC Ch. Sirius Parks Poetry Aladdin. Owner, Christine Grainger and Carlos Navarro and Lee Parkhurst
2.TR'S QUADRILLE V KENLYN, DL849266/05, 04/14/00. Breeder, L. Nordenstorm and L. Boyles. By Ch. Jag of Fran-Jo TR's Pandora V Kenlyn. Owner, Donna M. Radich
3.KEN-DELAINE'S JO DEE, DL853684/04, 08/02/00. Breeder, Ken and Delaine Thomson. By Ch. Gonvi Ruklakars Manny Ch. Ken-Delaine's Via of Basic Four. Owner, Ken and Delaine Thomson and Bill Tank
4.STARFIRE'S BILLIE JEAN, DL822291/03, 12/22/99. Breeder, W. and S. Thompson and M. Rossi. By Covy-Tucker Hill's Sendaria's Star Ch. Rallyn's Que Sera of Starfire. Owner, Stacy J. Speer and William Thompson and Kathy Zmudzinski
1.ROSEWOOD'S JEWEL, TC, DL798790/04, OFA H GS-62031G24F OFA E GS-EL12766 07/12/99. Breeder, Bo Vujovich. By Gorlin's Jakarta Rosewood's Madonna. Owner,Diane Mehra and Bo Vujovich
2.CH. UTOPIA'S JITTERBUG NORDLICTH, DL843872/02, OFA H GS-6442G25F-PI OFA E GS-EL13980F25-PI 06/07/00. Breeder, Holly Tomlinson. By Ch Caraland-Survival Magellan Reflection of Nordlicht. Owner, Gary and Patty Szymczak and Kathy Aubrey
3.BEE GEE'S MUDSLIDE OF KHALI, DL781180/08, 03/14/99. Breeder, Owners. By Ch.Bredwel Jakester of Joelle, CD Bee Gee's Khali. Owner, Beverly Pyle Scofield and Jeff Pyle and Claudio Carmona
4.NIMH'S PANDORA BOX VON SHULTZ, DL819781/01, OFA H GS-626833G24F OFA EGS-EL13173-PI 12/08/99. Breeder, Mini and Ken Shultz. By Ch. Karizma's Heartbreaker Karizma's Sherry II. Owner, Keith and Michele Hitt

1.CH. R. DREW OF FRAN-JO, DL589101/02, 05/04/95. Breeder, Owners,M.Simonett and J. Ford and G. Graur. By Ch. Kenlyn's Illuminator V Fran-Jo Ch. Fran-Jo's Lexus of Norberge.
2.CH. TOLLHAUS T-HO AVIANA, TC, DL588445/03, OFA H GS-52119G34F-T OFA E GS-EL8309F34-T 05/05/95. Breeder, Julie Richards and Tiffany Toland. By Ch.Ken-Delaine's Taylor Made Tollhaus T-Ho Heart In Motion. Owner, Jamie Montelongo and Barbara Ross and Jene and Isabella Dupzyk
3.CH. MELBRON'S CHARISMA, DL576391/08, OFA H GS-49989G28F 04/08/95. Breeder, A. and P. Gadd. By Dolmar's Galen Melbrons-Raflo's Magic Moment. Owner, Barbara W. and Frank A. Lopez and Al and Pam Gadd
4.CH. SCHERZAR'S FANFARE, PT, DL544253/01, 05/09/94. Breeder, Janice Staley. By Ch. Scherzar's Ace In The Hole, HT Ch. Scherzar's Jamaica. Owner, J. Macri and J. Staley and J. Root and N. Crome
VETERANS - Senior Class
1.CH. MARINER'S MAGIC TOUCH, DL415160/01, 01/23/92. Breeder, D. Freidberg and J.Fox. By Ch. Nike Clayfield Andretti Campaigner's Hialeah. Owner, Joyce E. Shelp and Debra Kaser
2.CH. WALKER'S QUATRO INTWIDEMELAH, DL406113/06, 11/17/91. Breeder, Kathryn Davila. By Ch. Von Kay's Right On of Tam-Mar Chieftan's Razz Ma Tazz. Owner, Glenn and Anna Walker
3.CH. PHIL-CAR'S JULIET, CD, TC, DL411752/01, OFA H GS-39198G32F OFA E GS-EL3698 02/26/91. Breeder, Owners,Carol and Philip D. Riegert. By Ch. Pete of Fran-Jo Charnap's Chateau.
4.CH. WINDWOODS LEXUS OF SKYLINE, DL443020/06, OFA H GS-54484E75F-T OFA E GS-EL9303-T 08/20/92. Breeder, Lynn M. Herrick and James Herrick. By Ch. Skyline's Honduras Ch. Windwalkers Lady Hawk. Owner, Donald and Joan Tauer
WINNERS DOG CROSS TIMBERS CARGOGH CLIHU, DL874090/01, 02/18/01. Breeder, Clifford Hughes. By Ch. Cross Timbers Van Gogh, HIC Cross Timbers Jenifer Clihu. Owner, Mary Tripp and Nancy Nellis and Erin Nellis
2.HAYSHILL'S COLE YOUNGER, DL817331/03, 11/10/99. Breeder, Owners. By Ch Von Keith Haus Raptor Solo's Memphis Belle. Owner, Priscilla S. Hays and Brad Hill and Ken Rayner, Jr
3.ZONI'S TOM CRUISE, DL814342/05, OFA H GS-63029G24M-PI OFA E GS-EL13277-PI 12/12/99. Breeder, Paul A. Mazzone. By Ch.Caraland's Unlimited, CD Ch. Ponca Hills Desi of Zoni. Owner, Joan Chowning and Gary Chowning and Matthew Chowning
4.STARFIRE'S ONCE INA BLUE MOON, DL861058/02, 11/13/00. Breeder, William and Susan Thompson. By Ch. Rallyn's Jaego Salmarson's Moonlight Sonata. Owner, Donna Fierko Beadle
1.STONEHEDGE'S STRIPER, DL812126/07, 08/15/99. Breeder, James Girtatos. By Stonehedge's Ace Is Up Ch. Stonehedge's Pinot V Ken-Delaine. Owner, Scott and Margaret Trahan and Jill Lukiach and David Stevens
2.DETMER'S RUGER V DRAGENHART, DL829138/01, OFA H GS-63656G29M OFA E GS-EL13605M29 10/06/99. Breeder, Liv McLea and Andy and Carly LaDouceur. By Ch. Joelle's Alvin V Norberge Cyropat Deeday At Leevenrob. Owner, Albert F. Detmer
3.EAGLE VALLEY'S HERCULES, DL788327/01, OFA H GS-4176G37M OFA EGS-EL13839M37 04/19/99. Breeder, Anthony Correia and Dennis Mulligan. By Ch. Eagle Valley Merck V Somerset Ch. Eagle Valleys Sophie. Owner, Linda Selmon
.RANITA'S RYSHERS DOC HOLIDAY, DL842695/06, OFA H GS-64821G26M-PI OFA E GS-EL14160M26-PI 06/24/00. Breeder, Owners. By Ch.Dan-Ann's Nasdaq Midnight's Betsy Ross. Owner, Anita Clouse and Sherry Ryan
1.COVYTUCKHILL FLY'NJIB BODEGA, PT, TC, DL496457/03, 07/16/93. Breeder, E. Ashdown & G. Birch and C. Pottle & B. Steinbeck. By Ch. Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge Covy-Tucker Hill Kalani Lea. Owner, E. Ashdown & D. Calabrese and L. Dancosse and R. Scheubler
2.CH. VON KEITH HAUS' RAPTOR, DL549269/07, 09/08/94. Breeder, P. Hays Keith and Betty Breault. By Ch. Von Keith Haus M.C. Hammer Breauhausen Marti V Nicklaus. Owner, Priscilla S. Hays and Brad Hill
3..BEN-JO'S ZONKER, DL523000/02, OFA H GS-45369G25M-T OFA E GS-EL5692-T 04/01/94. Breeder, Kathy Johnson and Ben McGovern. By Ch. Schneiderhof's Urban Cowboy, CD Ch Ben-Jo's Jezzabelle. Owner, Gary E. and Teresa A. Lewis
4.CH. WINDY ACRES AMI OF RIVERDELL, TC, DL561993/01, 08/07/94. Breeder, Owners Laura L.Pruett and Charlotte Gilbert and Ariel Cassista. By Windy Acres' Blacktop CR Ch. Windy Acres' Amy of Riverdell.
VETERANS Senior Class
1.STEIGERHAUS EINSTEIN, DL491165/01, 09/26/92. Breeder, Anthony & Rosemary
Motta & Don Fraenkel. By Dolmar's Kodiak, TC Mardon's Pia of Steigerhaus.
Owner, Anthony & Rosemary Motta
2.COVY-TUCKER HILL HYCLASS SUN, DL322833/02, 04/03/90. Breeder, D. Schultz & C.
Pottle & G. Birch. By Ch. Bramblewood's Custom Made Covy-Tucker Hill's Tomboy
Ily. Owner, Vicki Burkey
3.VON-WAY'S GORBACHEV, TC, DL390661/12, OFA H GS-36496F29M 07/26/91.
Breeder, M. Wakeling & Y. Nygaard. By Ch. Hoheneichens Flag Von-Ways las
Vegas. Owner, Nils & Jan Anderson
**Nancy and Venus earned their MACH on Wednesday, making Venus the FIRST MACH OTCH GSD. They also earned the Agility Victrix, with very close competition from Dan Weiss and Villain.

Today Nancy and Venus earned the Obedience Victrix, High Combined and a Combined Elite Award.

It is cold in the arena. We were happy to see Tony get on the board, and so he is more important this morning than before, but is still talking to Bob and me. I got to carry in the flag this morning, and that brought tears to my eyes. People are starting to come in, there is Carolyn Martello, Jack Newton, Linda Bankhead, Barbara Lopez, Bob Lindsey, Carmen, Lee Trapp, Scootie, Laurie Beaulah, Ken Taznk, and There they go, Into the ring.

Today are the Open Class. The ring is open, and it is way bigger than any other. I got the ROM pin for Ben, and also got to pick up the one for
Karen Lazar for Ashley. It was fun, and had a great time.

The handlers are milling around in the ring. Ken Downing is wearing a Tux, there is Sheree Moses, Joan Fox, Tedi, Linda Bastioni, Twyla Miner, Leslie, Darlene Gheleri, Paul Mazzone, and Kathy Gray.

Michel is walking down the line, giving every bitch a good look. He is walking slow, and stoping by each bitch. There are 25 in there and all
stacked looking serious. And, there they go. Michel is standing in one spot, letting themgo by. At least you know where to make t hem look best. Lots of yelling for the first pass. Two times, and now Michel is walking backwards, and they are taking the second pass. It takes the entire ring, and there go the last ones.

Michel tells them to step back, and goes to the front, and takes the first two around, with Ken Tank first. Now the next two, and on they go. 25
seconds to make it around the ring, count it off and you will know how large the ring is.

There is Ellen Migliori, Liz Leschhorn Delaine Thompson, Linda Bankhead, Dave Rinke, Mike Sherman, Jamie Walker, and strangly Leslie and Olivia went around together.

I just got to give the ROM pins to Carolyn and Frank Martello for Color Guard and his son.What fun that was. I do love The Boss and have since he was a puppy. I was sitting petting him before he went in and went GV. Now they are in groups of five, and the first five went around. Still quiet in here, and Ken Downing is walking around in a daze. Lots of red eyes, I guess they partied last night. the people are filtering in a few at a time, and it is starting to fill up. There is DD, Bill Basu, Debbie Hokkanan, Jamie Ross, and others. Here is Jamie, and I will let her post. Hay mom how are you ? im great and haveing fun wish you were here. kiwi shows to day so think of us. love Jamie & Miss Kiwi .

I'm back, so here we go;

He now has the second group in there. I just found out that golf carts are being taken by people that do not own them. I actually had to announce not to take them if you hadn't rented them. They are available, and a lot of them are rented.

I see Paul Johnson with his daughter Liz standing and talking, there is Frank Lopez, and Terri Kridler. There is Dania and Peggy Douglas. They keep taking the bitches around. Jimmie is back, and standing in front of us. Pat Ayres just gave me a can of Mauna Loa Dry Roasted Macadamias. Flower Boy, Jamie Walker and Frank Lopez just came by, and Alex is out in the ring. There is Nancy Nellis and Ken Tank. Delaine Thompson is talking Bill Basu. John DeHope is here, and there goes Peter Cassopio. And, Michel keeps taking bitches around. Diane Brown is going around and looks great. She is the last one in the group.

Jerry Guzman is talking to us now, and waiting for his group, to go out there. Michel is on his second of four groups. There goes Edie Trokey and Marty Rinke, with Bob Eaton.

Peter stopped by to say hello, and there goes Terry Hower, and Fred Olson. Bart is out there with his temperament test, and the show goes on. There is Iza Kabuska, and Tedi is looking at me, but doesn't seem mad, so it is still a good day. She is talking to Delaine, and that always worries me. Bart takes off with his bitch and there is a lot of cheering.

I talked to Carlos, and it seems he just bred his champion Ben daughter to Flash Dance, I want one of those puppie for sure.

Audry Braga is ther talking to Sharon Pico. There's Mary Stoll, talking to Karen Taylor, and there goes Carlos. Now the next group. Sort of a slow start to the day, but I can tell it is goijng to get better fast. Debbie is here checking on us, and says How is you day. There goes Ann Schultz. Bret Taylor said good morning to us, and tried to trip Tedi as she walked by.

He is now on the last group, and looking them over. Lew Bunch is here, and joe Bahari is standing talking to Frank Lopez. Kathy Gray walked by, she keeps going back and foth, and I see Ken in the ring, so it makes sense. Delaine just chewed me out for starting to announce when her bitch was having the individual.

Leslie is first in the group, and I am glad to see she is doing so well. We have a raised platform behind the viewing area, and it give us a good
view, even if a bit far away. I just went down and hugged Elmo, and his favorite buddy Bret is now here, I think he just got in. There are two special dogs that weren't mine that I just love, one is The Boss, and the other is Elmo.

Mellisa Gilbert just came by and picked up her ROM pin. Flower Boy is sitting with me, I feel honored. He just asked for change for a dime.

Martha Simonete just stopped by, and said hello.

He is done with this group, and looking them over, takes out his pen walks to the front, looks and walks down the group. He takes the first two again. There goes Ed Barrit, looking for a friend or just someone who will talk to him. Michel is lookin, making some notes, and is looking over some notes, and approaches the group. He sends them back, and brings out his first group, looks at his notes and walks to them and he is looking and looking and now he sends them around, checking his notes as they go.

The come to a stop, he looks at his notes, approachs and is looking, and pulls out Mistique's Whispering Hope and Milo's Intrada V Bachacher. And there is the second group, of five.

They head out, and around, and Michel is walking over, and now back to his position. He is walking to the front, pulls out Crosstimber Carman San D. A. Gogh, and Welove Langenau's Samala, and the rest get to sit down for the rest of the show.

There goes the third group. He is looking at hisnotes, and approachs the bitches,. pulls Bart with Hickoryhill's Brickhause Sirus Park, and also
Starfire's Billy Jean.

A new group goiung aroiund, and Michel is walking down the ring, and watching as close as he can. The come to a stop, lots of yelling and shouting, bells and whistle, over boes Bill Tank with Kendelaines Jodee, and T.R's Quadrille V KenLyn. And out there is the last group, Leslie, Olivia, Tiffany, and two others. They take the pass, and Michel is walking and walking and walking, and they come to a stop.

He goes up to them and he is loking, and points to the entry, and they all head out for the big excuseal in the sky.

Now he has eight left with lots of hope,

Up front is Whispering Hope, Backacher Intrada, Carmen San Diego, Samalia, Brickhouse Billy Jean, Jo Dee, Quadrill. The first four are going
around, and he hasn't placed any of them, he sets them aside, anjd there goes the second broup, with Bart, Morris, Bill and Tim and and there they go, lots of yells now, and very loud. Whistles, Bob thinks Bart will be the class winner, we will see.

Michel walks over to them, looks at them and pulls out Bart to first Brickhous, then Quadrill, Jo Dee, Billy Jean, Carman San Diego, Samala,
Whispering Hope and Intrada. He is taking each of them down and back, and the crowd is getting into it. Scottie is going down with Carmen San Diego and was moved to BOD,a nd they stafck and Michel is walking and looking at them all, and goes tot he front and says, "one time, one at a time, and slow them down, easy." Lots of applause for Brickhouse, and she is a good one. I think Bob is right, now Quadrill, and that is a nice bitch as well. Michel is looking at her, and he looks at both of th em and leaves them as they are, now out there Jo Dee with Bill Tank. The tension is growing and you can feel the 3excitement. Everyone seems to be here now, and Michel is looking but not going over. Now Billy Jean, not as much from this side of the ring, but lots of noise from accross the ring. A very dark bitch. Michel is not watching her, and there goes Carmen, with Scottie. Off goes Diane with Samala, and Michel is not going to change the ones at the end, and he set off Whipering hope, sort of quieter. There goes Intrada, and she is also a nice bitch, as are they all. He takes Intrada and movesher to sixth. Now Michel pulls out the first two and wants them to stand loose. Bart lets her stand loose, and he puts them back that way. There they all go, and I think this is it, and he walks there and THAT'S IT!

Brickhouse, Quadrille, Jo Dee, and Billy Jean

We get a break, and now Tony is announcing the winners. Bob called it right, and he must be a lot smarter than we all thought he was. I want to show under him.

Now, in go the Open Dogs. Everyone is settled down for now, but I suspect that will change. There goes Yolanda, and I see Marty Rinke talking to Tedi.

The dogs are in there miling around while John checks them in. I just got to give the ROM pins to Ellen Migliore and Leon Breault. I hugged Ellen. I was going to hug Leon, but he said I didn't have to.

There they all go, and it is a large class, and it looks like 16. If anyone thinks the breed is not doing great, they need to see this group of dogs.
There are about ten I would take in a minute. As a matter of fact, if I get the chance I may do so. There is Bud Drew, Ken Tank, and Norma.

John is in the center with the first dog. Don Newsom is here and says Hello. Tony Bob and I are playing with our cell phones. Tony called me and Bob put his number in my phone. Then I called Tony and he found out what my cell phone number is, gave it to Bob, and he put it in his cell phone, then called me and his name and number came up. This is great stuff. Not only did they make fun of me for having my phone numbers taped to the back of my phone, but they don't like the duct tape on my computer.

Lots of good dogs in there, and not much going on other than John looking them over. More of the same, more good dogs, more of the same. I was asked to announce that any cars between the barns has to be moved. I was then asked, "what do I mean by between the barns? So I replied that if you can see a barn out of any two sides of you, move your car, Then I was asked if that also mean vans?" This is a hard job.

John just set back the last group, has called the first group back out, and is looking at his notes, checking the dogs, writing something in his
notebook, and is checking out the six dogs out there. He pulled out Crosstimber's Cargogh Clihu, Sanbob's Trick of the Trade, and Zonni's Tom
Cruise. Now he has the next group out there. Still sort of quiet, and there they go around the ring. Moving at a slow speed, and he points to
Hayshill's Cole Younger, Falcon's Iceman Du Chen, and Jdm's Khyber Run ofTanglewood.there goes the last group, and John looks at his notes and pulls De3 Paul's Austin, Big Jake of Gable Ridge, and Jericho's Easy Spirit of D'arte.

Now there are eight left. There goes Don Smith, who sang today and sounds just great. They are all going around in groups of four, the first four. Bob picks Greg's dog Cargogh Clihu, but we will find out. And they pull to a stop. John is counting them, talking to the handlers and pulls out ColeYounger to take him around again by himself. and moves him in front. He moves up Jdm's Kyber run of Tanglewood, to go around. Hohn is looking at the rest and moves him to five, and takes Cargogh Clihu around by himself, and sends out Mike with his dog Tom Criuise. Now he puts Tom Cruise in third. He now takes the rest and looks them over. It is Cole Younger, Cargough Clihu, Tom Cruise, Once in a Blue Monn and JDM Kyber Run, and he moves Cargough Clihu in front. He takes the first one down and back and it is sort of quiet. Evidently everyone is not certain what is going on. Now Cole Younger goes down and back, and a lot of applause for him. John moves to Tom Cruise. Now Once In A Blue Moon. He takes down and back Khyber Run and last is Ice Man. Kent is last, and John stands back, calls Ice Man out for ttemperament.
Then the rest, one at a time. he wants a loose lead, and checks each one again. So far so good, and two to go. From back to front. The crowd loves Cole Younger, he is out there on a loose lead, and everyone stands just fine. John brings the two front ones out to stand alone and free. the handlers do a good job of stackikng without touching the dogs. They are two good looking males. John wants the first two around together, and I don't think he has made up his mind. Now some cheers for the fist one, and they come to a stop. John now looks at the second two. And all of them and they are going, going, and going.


Cargogh Clihu, Cole Younger, Tom Cruise and Once in a Blue Moon.

Now, Bob is a hero. He predicted it again. It is amazing, he is just as smart as John. We have the parade of greats now.

If you can listen to this and not bring tears to your eyes, you are a better person than me. There are some older dogs here, and it is fantastic to
see. We are up to 10 out of 19, and now see Sword in the ring now. He still looks great.

There goes Talitha. She is the bitch with eight champions out of one litter. She was bred to Jolly Roger for that litter.

Up now is Tournaline Kena, and Select Champion. She looks like a puppy at 11. What a great moving bitch.

Now they are bringing Egoiste. To see him with Kena is a treat. He looks strong at 10. He looks like he wants to go in and compete.

Next up is Desperado. He just wants to go, and is full of energy. Leslie took him in, and keeps going. Stacked he looks like he did when he was
being shown.

That great dog is now in the ring Uecker! Now what a great dog that is. I see why Rollins is such a strong dog.

We get to see again Bull Durham, and he keeps getting better and better. He could do it again some day if he stays like he is today.

Juliet is up now. At 11 she has a lot of energy, and looks great for any age.

It is Jakester in the ring. I was surprised to see they were bringing him for the parade, as he is still competitive. That is one handsome sable.
He looks like he is taking over the ring at 11 and a half. He stands out there alone while he is posed off lead.

ALLLLLLVVVVVAAAAAN! On the outside of the ring, with Tiffany hanging on. He is a picture of the great dog. He stands and just asks us to watch him. That is what we should all strive for. Alllvvaaaaan.

Al Martin's daughter Janine Martin is walking out to sing. She must be under four foot tall, and looks as cute as a girl can. She is going out to
Debbie, takes the microphone, and WOW! Not that does it all, and not a dry eye in the house. She sang Over the Rainbow. Ethyl and Kurt Wolf came by and said hello.

We are ready for winner's bitch. There they are in the ring. First is Easy Does It with Scott, then St.Loucia of Kenlyn with Alex, then Patti with Pacific Chai, then Jimmie, (strange) with Penache, Kent with Roxanne, Morris with Wild Rose, and Bart with Brickhouse. And, there they go around the ring, with Michel watching from the center. He looks at one point and lets them run in front of him. He signals them to slow down.

Bob predicts Brickhouse will go Winner's Bitch. We shall see in a bit. As Easy Does It goes around, she stops for a comfort break. Scottie is
watching as is the entire ring. Now she scoots her rear legs and is ready to go. There she goes.

Now each one, one at a time. Doing some clean up, and there goes St. Lucia.

Pacific Chai takes her turn. It is very very quiet in here. I think everyone is worn out from the parade and the singing.

Now some cheers.

Here goes . Tamar's Panache is next.

Now Roxanne

Wild rose, and now Brickhouse, and a lot of crowd support on that one. Michel is walking towards her, and Bart lets the lead all the way out and
lets her go.. Michel is looking them over and walking down the line and he puts Pachific Dhai, then Panache, then Wild Rose, adn Michel stands in
front looking at the first one, then he looks at the second with Jimmie, and the third and now Brickhouse which is clearly the crowd favorite. He asks to see them all again and there they go, and he is looking at the front, and IT'S PACIFIC CHAI! From the 12-18 class. It held a major.

Now, in comes in the second place 12-18 bitch. And she is with Tim Trapp, Key West. There she goes alone and the crowd likes here. There is still some silence, no one expected that winner. Michel leaves her at the end, and takes them around with Jimmie in the lead, and Panache gets it from the Novice class for Reserve.

Now it is time for John to pick the Winner's Dog. Jimmy took the Reserve around for a pass, let her go and lay down in the ring and let her go.

John is in the center of the ring and having them come in at reverse order starting with the puppy Lord Of The Rings, then Tanquery, then Here Comes Trouble, then Eddie, then Turbo Charged, Elston and last Cargogh. They are in reverse order. They came in one at a time, and John is holding a sheet of paper, and looking them over, and sends them around. He takes Cargough in front, then Elston, Turbo, Eddie, and the rest. He takes the puppies, Tanguary and Lord of the Rings around together, watches them and leaves them at the end of the line. Now the next two go around. Eddie, and Trouble, together. John watches them with his hands behind his back. He turns to the last three and takes the second and third around. Elston and Turbo take a round. They have cut the ring in half, and are only using half of it, by Handler's choice. He pulls Cargough out and Tanqueray and takes them together. John has his hands in his pockets and is walking towards them, and watching them. He puts them back and pulls Carqough out and tests temperament, and he is fine. He does the same with the first two only. It is absolutly silient in here, and he takes the first one down and back. Morris takes the second one down and back. There is almost no crowd support for anyone. John is walking down the line and takes Tanquaray down and back. He seems to be considering the three of them. He looks at Tanquarey and does a
loose lead temperament test. He takes Tanquarey to the third place and takes them around his other four for one last look before he dashes their hopes for this year. They make a pass and he excuses them. The crowd is silient. John has his three in the ring and moves Tanqueray up to the front. The crowd seems to like that. There they go, and yes, the crowd woke up and likes what they see. John is looking and looking and stops them again. Now he moves Cargogh in front and takes Cargogh and Tanqueray together. And it's Cargough. Nancy Nellis, Erin Nellis and Mary Tripp.

Now for Reserve. He brings in Cole Younger. He puts him in front, and moves Elston to the front. John takes them around that way and he is looking and looking and he gives it to Tanqueray, from 9-12 puppy class.


On with the Conditional Class Bitches.

They are in there now, and I see a Ben daughter. Some nice bitches in there, and everyone showed up, six in there. .He is taking them around and there they go. Michel is looking at the second one, and now the fourth one. He stands back and looks agon, and takes them around again. Up front goes Rosewood's Jewelo and second is Ch Utopia's Jetterburg. He takes them around all together. There they go and that is the way it is.

Jitterbug, Jitterbug, Mudslide and Pandora.

Now on to the conditional class dogs. And there they are.

Flower Boy is picking on me, and I may have to bitch slap him upside the head. I will let the List know the results later.

There are nine dogs in there with good hips and elbows. I voted against this class when I was on the board, but showed in it with Ben the first year so to support the club. I am still not a fan of the class. Bill Leonard is talking to us again, and keeps telling me I have to buy a German Dog.

If I thought it was quiet before, it is a library in here now.

DelaineThompson is here and talking to us. She is telling jokes and talking about hte Lister's party. Later I will post what I went through to get a six ft. sandwich. It better be a good party.

John is workng the class on individuals. John says, take them around, and there they go with Leslie in front. There are two groups of five. Here
goes the second group. Tiffany is followed by her father, and it is good to see them in there together, and right behind Bart is Joann. Alex is in last place in this group, and now John brings in the first dog from the group for the individual.

John is still working and working and about done with the second group. Then we have the Veterans, and we get to go home. They are going around in a group of five, and five standing off for the call. He puts Ch Stonehedge's Stripper up front, then Ch Detmer's Ruger V Dragenhart, next Ch Eagle Valley's Hercules and finaly Ch Sugarstone's Private Label. John Shott just came by with a message. Now Tedi is calling me. they are going around and he goes 1-4 with the winners picked.

They are Striper, Ruger V Dragenhart, Hercules and Ryshers Doc Holiday.

There go the Veteran Bitches.

There are ten in there. Michel liens them up, stands proud looking at them,and there he goes down the line, giving each lady a long look. He has
his arms folded in front of him, and isn't going to miss a one of them. He is almost at the end, he looks at the Dealer daughter, Glamour, and cocks his head. Maybe he just had a kink. He gives them the nod, tells them to leave space and take it easy. And, around they go.

Tony is back and my job gets easier. Sue Godek just came by. now Michel has four out there, and looking tghem over. He goes down the line and gives each of them a long look. He says take them around and stop right back here. He is right in front of us about twenty feet away.

Now the last group is in there going around and Michel is looking at them all. They come to a stop in front of us. Michel is still woking the class,
he walks to the front of the group and walks down the class. Sue (Barbara's Daughter) is sitting with me and talking about the show. She doesn't show, but knows what is going on.

They go around and Michel is looking at them, making notes and approaches the group. Nowent by and smiled. That birghtened my day.

Michel pulled out Ch. Kamsten's Britten and got rid of the rest.

Now back to the first group, and there are four out there. Now there are but one, or is that is but one.

The next group is out there going around, Michel is looking them over, and they come to a stop. He walks to them pulls out Ch. Melbron's Charisma and Ch Sherzar's Fanfare. And now on to the last group. Leading is Kent for now.

Off they go, and Fred is looking at me. Around they go, and now they come to a stop. Barbara Amidon is giving me a bad look.

He pulls Ch RDrew of Fran-Jo, Ch Tollhaus T-Ho Aviana and with Diane who is encouraging the crowd, We Love DuChin's Hannah.

And in that order they take off, now with Cindy in the lead. Only the first three, and three oldsters waiting. The dogs are old too. Now the last
three with Kent in the lead. There they go, and they look like kids out there. Kent, Ken and Diane.

They stop and the crowd is having a good time.

He looks at them, folds his arms and pulls out R Drew, then Avaiana, and Charisma and fourth is Fan Fair, Britten and Hannah. Michel is lookihng
them over, and Chrisma is the crowd favorite. One at a time, and off they all go. The crowd is waking up, and a lot of fun this way. Shouts. whistles and cheers. There they go and THAT'S IT FOR THE JUNIOR BITCH VETERANS CLASS.

R Drew, Aviana, Charisma, then Fan Fair.

On to Junior Veteran Dogs.

I see Lynn Newton here now, and she must have just gotten in. Paul Root is here talking to Kathy Aubrey.

The Junior Dog Veteran class is in the ring. Twelve in there. John is working the class, and the handlers are working the crowd. Kent is going
around now, and it is quiet in here. I think every one is losing interest. I have Sue on one side of me, Delaine on the other. Jerry is in there with
Ducatti. Now on to the first group again, and this must be time to start cutting.

John is making his indiviudals one at a tiime, which is the only way to do it. It has slowed down, and he is on the last group and about to finish
and start picking.

Now that woke up the crow. Leslie took Ch Covytucker Flynjib Bodega around without a lead, looking just great at nine. You have to see number 586 and 553, a father daughter, in senior Veterans.

The winners are Flying Jib, Raptor, Zonker and Ami. That was a popular win.

Sorry but I had to take a comfort break, and missed the last part. Now on to Senior Bitch Veterans.

The Senior class will be smaller, but should be fun.

Ten and over bitches, and there are seven in there, and they look just great. Every one of those entered showed up. My god they look great. Now two at a time, and the crowd loves it, all over 10. Michel cuts the class to four and is standing looking at them. He moves down the line. His judging is very consistant, the same in every class. Now the four go around. Lots of gray, and that is just the handlers. Off they go and boy do they move for all over 10.

Magic is now in the center, and my eyes are full of tears. I put her up to Breed and it seems but yesterday. She is out there with Amy, and looks just great. The years go by way too fast. I swear she is still a puppy.

The senior Veteran's class is too much of a heart tug, we may have to rethink this or I may have to get off the computer. Linda Kury is here, and we are closing the auction at 5:00. That is the first group, and on to the second.

Man, do these old ladies look great. My heart is with Magic, but they all look just great. Lexus just went around, and she could be in Specials
tomorrow. At over ten she still looks great. That's the last of this group, and everyone is applauding them all. What a great idea to have a 10 and
over class.

Off they go again. Lexus is probablyt going to win with Magic second. Now Michel calls them all out and looks them over. He pulls Breta to the
front, Magic, Quatro, Sbrina. And off they go. Magic makes my heart sing. I just love her He puts Magic up front. I can't see the keys. Then Quatro. He tells Amy, one time by herself. Go Magic!

They all git a trip, and Amy is smiling more than I am. I am yelling my head off. What a wonderfull class. he looks, and takes the last one. He walks to Magic, raises his arms, smiles and walks down the line. He looks them over and stands and smiles. Now Michel says, "Around again" What a Roar.

MAGIC GETS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second is Quatro, then Julliettte, and Lexus.

There are three Veteran Dogs, but still it was a thrill to see the bitches. One of the Veteran Dogs has a daughter in the Senior Veteran Bitches.

Jimmie has the 12 year old male, and he sure is good to see, even if he isn't ready to go into Specials. Vickie Burkey should be proud to bring him and his daughter to the ring for us.

The three are, Hyclass Sun, Gorbachev and Einstein.

The placing is Einstein, Hyclass Sun and Gorbachev third. John only took them around one time.

Now for Junior handling.

The kids are out there now, and Carman Battaglia is juding them.

This is the first class, four in the class. These kids are great. In the Junior seminar, there were 22 entries, and it seems to me that the future
handlers are out there. These four are great examples. Ginny Altman just came by, and Vicky Burkey, and both seem to be holding up in the show. I see Judy Goffstein talking to Lynn Newton. Bobby Lindsey is behind me, as he has been all day, and seems to be running down a bit as am I. Magic did me in.

I just got to hug Amy, and so glad Joyce shelp was here to see it.

The winners are first Patrick Carlson, then Rebecca Weise, then Candace Skaggs, and fourth was Jim Degen.

Now the Novice Senior class. The winner is Marcia Miller Dixon, and second was Tiffany Goolesby.

Now the Open Junior Class.

There are five in there, and Carman is doing his thing. Not much going on. The crowd seem to have gone asleep. More of more and nothing much

Carmen is out there looking at the kids, and a lot of conversations, and he moves Olivia to second and there they go. Ashley Miller is in front, and wins it. Second is Olivia, with Stephen Sololouski in third and Katie Carlson in third.

Now Open Seniors. Jerry Guzman has now joined us on the announcer's stand. It is Jerry, Bob, Bob Lindsey, Tony, Sue and myself. A real great crowd.

In the Open Seniors class we have seven entries.

It's Christina Szparage, then Monica Overcast, third is Loren Ashlock, and Samantha Graham

Now for best Junior. What talant, and what a future for the breed. And the winner is Christine gets it. Way to go Christine.

Jamie Ross came in with the hero dog and Kiwi. Now on to Best Puppy.

We are bringing in the Veteran winners to present to the club. It takes a bit to get them but there they are.

Tomorrow is another day.

I was going to go to the Lister's party, and even found soom food and with Delaine's help got it to the party. I wanted to download the information before the party and tried to use the phone line Bill Pfieffer was using. But, he was still working and told me I could use it when he was finished. Then he decided to go to his motel to work, but left some kids to continue to download pictures for the Parent Club Site.

I stayed to watch all the champions go in the ring together and work for the half hour they allowed, then went to use the line. They were still on it. So, I either could get back to the motel, in drenching rain to post the day, or stay for the party. I elected to get home and it looked like everyone was having a good time when I left.

A quick trip to Arbys, back to the room, and here it is.

I don't know what we will do for tomorrow. I have a bitch in Specials and while she is in there, I can't announce, and I can't be on the computer when she is shown. I may post when she is not being shown. I have to give up something next year. It is hard to announce, and post. I get two people telling me to do stuff, and I am trying to type at the same time. I have to pretend to be paying attention, and type while someone is talking to me, and also remember what Debbie wants us to do. Tony and Bob are great, but we have too much to do without the posting.

I have to see how tomorrow goes. It would be easier if I didn't show anything, but I think I am getting my priorities mixed up here. I will see what reaction I get from announcing, how you like the posts, and how showing goes, and then decide what to give up.




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