Dates:  October 13 -19 (Wednesday - Saturday)  
Tuesday Night Futurity/Maturity 



  • Intersex  Mr Ed Barritt
  • Dogs       Mr. John F. DeHope
  • Bitches    Mr. Michel Chaloux


  • Ms. Dalene McIntire Utility A, Utility B, Open A
  • Mr. Steven Picclinolo Novice A, Open B
  • Ms. Gail Brown Novice B

Agility and Herding and Tracking:

Agility:  Joan Meyer      


  • Ms. Cappy Pruett
  • Mr. Gerard Baudet
  • Ms. Marie-Paule Gherardi


  • Billie French
  • Ralph A. Sneve


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Show Chairperson: Debbie Hokkanen

Medusa and Her Daughter "watching " The Specials
Medusa and Her Daughter during Specials


15. 340 TRAFALGAR'S PACIFIC CHAI (WB - 12-18 class)

Now the good news. Dania typed in all morning and did a fantastic job. She is typing as they go and has comments about the sexual practices of all the handler and the judge. She had some great jokes and knows all the secrets and told it all in her post. She listed all the winners and as they were going around described what was happening and how they looked. She worked like a fiend, and got lots of great comments and was doing a fantastic job.

Until she crashed my computer. She lost it all. Bill Pfiefer spent two hours to recover it, and so Dania promised if you will call her, she will tell you personally what happened.

Now, on to Special Class Dogs. I missed the beginning, but Ch.Nike Clayfield Casanova is in there. Ed wore a morning coat, and looks great in tails. He has a better tail better than many of his dogs. He is doing the
individuals, and so here are the Bitch Selects.

1. GV Ch Jacoda Keyliss Jest "N Tyme, TC
2. Ch Kriedler's Ruby Of Highland Acres
3. Ch TR's Quintessential V Kenlyn
4. Ch Crosswind's Wild Irish Rose
5. Ch Debonair's Suprize Package
6. Ch Utopia's Cliche
7. Ch Carousel Farm's Jill V Cypress
8. Ch Acara's Mini-Me
9. Ch Alfaro's Cupid Of Stormfield
10.Ch Kenja's Over the Rainbow,TC
11. ChDelta V Almanya
12. Ch Pilgrim Kellie Jolly T'Hill HT
13. Ch Shelby's Chimes of Asgard
14. Ch Mein Schatz Bacall V Bo-Hem
15. Trafalgar's Pacific Chai

Elmo just went around, and now there is Jerry Southern Byrn. Jerry had to give up Elmo, so he has Alex on him. Last night it was fun to watch Jerry teaching Alex how to handle Elmo and also showing Southern Bryn, and showing others as well. The best part of the show is watching the end of the Friday night when they let everyone go into the ring and work dogs. They look so great, everyone in the ring at the same time. It is chaos, but what a great picture.

There goes Bob Eaton, Dave Rinke is in the ring with Rollins. Ed does the individual, and that is a stallion dog is ever I saw one. He is just a week out of surgery for a blockage, and bred my bitch a week ago. I like that dog a lot, Rollins is a great dog.

We have to find a dozen guys to help Sherri Moses break down the stalls, and so I promised her I would find them, and it looks like we are going to be able to do it.

Tony just said the Lister's party went over well. We invited everyone, and after a bit it got going. When they closed the ring, (see above) and all the owners came by it came alive. There was enough food, and no one got drunk and danced naked, but there is a rumor that Linda had danced on a table the night before in the bar. Some soda, some wine, some beer and everyone seemed to have a good time. Next year we have to work on it even more.

Amy is lifting Olivia and freaking out. Kids will be kids. Out there is Ch. Kenlyn's Black Point Willy V VTR. Martha Rinke is standing in front of me, as is Gail Sprock. We now we have a great lineup here, Dania, bob and Tony, and of course, me, the typist who will not crash the computer. Yesterday Lew Bunch bought 100 White Castle hamburgers, and they were great. Tony is correcting me, so don't expect the regular fun typos I usually do. Ed is very distinguished and taking the dogs around in groups of six. He did this with the bitches, then made a big cut, and Chimes made the cut. Then he did two more cuts and then arranged the 15 left and called them standing.

I just saw Gary Stassor and Pam. There goes Todor Pilgrim No Regrets. I got here early and wrote a pithy and very moving tribute to the breed.
But, Dania lost it all for us. I want everyone to send to her their thought on what she did.

In front of me us is Kent, Jimmie, Sue Godak, Tish, Bill Leonard, Tim Trap, and Fred Olson. What Ed is doing is allowing everyone to leave the ring, and only working the one group. In bitches he did all the groups, then brought them back and cut about a third of them and then worked the rest. There goes the group, and then in comes the forth group. It got very noisy after the first cut in bitches, but not before.

What great looking males, there goes Bill Basu and behind him Kenn Cunningham, and walking by is Jack Kilgore. Ken Tank walked by. Ed
stands in one place and doesn't go far, and gives a good look to everyone. He seems to take good notes and makes his cuts while they stand and he either reads his hand, or is looking a very small pieces of paper. Not much interesting going on, maybe Tony and I should start a project for him to force on the board. How about hats for all handlers at the National? I see Alicia standing talking to someone I don't know. I am amazed to find someone I don't know here at the National. I was talking to Jamie Walker a while ago, while waiting for Chimes to go, and she is having a great time. I did buy tickets to the Foundation Dinner, but didn't go, as usual. There goes Jim Martin. Kathy Gray walked by, and it is slow here now. Dania and Bob are telling jokes.

Peggy Douglas is talking to Flower Boy. Carmen is talking to Sharon Albright. Sandmark's Del Rio is going around with Bill Basu, and he can
cover the ground. Now a Ben son, Taj Mahal. I know Dottie would want to be here, but she start some medical treatment Monday, I sure wish her well.

It is a great day, the ring is still in good condition. Today it is a bit warm, rather than cold as it has been. No rain, and cool outside, and about
twenty degrees warmer inside. Kurt Hysen is talking in front of us, and this is the best seat in the house.

I don't ever want to double handle at the national again. I make a fool of myself, I ruin my voice, I run into people, and my bitch ignores me. I is
embarrassing. Now he has the group lined up, he is walking sideways, and looking them over. This is a new group, led by Ch Kurdels St. Nick V
Backacers. Sherrie Moses asked that I not announce for any more help, we have over a dozen people that were willing to help them break down crates. Seems they have 35 crates to take out. I guess too many people were willing to help. There is Ann Schultz. Ed is writing on something, and around goes the class. Someone likes this group, there is a bit of noise. Or possible they are getting drunk. It is three, and we have been going since nine or so. I see Gloria Bitch talking to Richard Sottile. I see Jack Newton talking to Joan Ford. Rollins is being shown by Dave Rinke, don't either of them age? I just got back, did you miss me?

I see more dogs going around. The quality is fantastic, and probably the best I have seen ever. I see no temperament problems, and there goes Sheri Moses, and she looks like she is ready to call it a week. It is amazing how tired we get, and yet at the dinner, we all come alive. Kent is standing in front of the announcers stand. The crowd is cheering Sharpshooter, and he is a good one. I know Ed is making notes, but I have no idea what he is thinking. I see Terry Hower in front of us, and by his number he will have Extra Extra. There goes Candy Espee. I see Bob Eaton looking at the dogs, he seems to wonder what the dogs will do against Rollins. I did like Rollins, he is a good one, but a different type.

There is a lot of roaming around in the crowd, it seems that everyone knows not much will be happening in the near future. There goes Eric Norby. The handlers do not need to stand in the ring while he does the rest of the groups. They are out of the ring with the dogs, and most are watching. There goes Pat Ayres. This is a great place, it is in front of the center of the ring, and we see everyone go by, Kid Carson is in the ring with Georgie on him. There he goes, the crowd likes him. Joyce Newsom just walked by, and I see Jack Kilgore standing there. Debbie Ikaser is talking to Alycia Parte, and there goes Kurt Hysen, and Sue, Barbara's daughter.

Tedi is talking to Twyla, and everyone at out table seems to be having a great deal of fun. Sheryll Brocket just walked by. Now a new group, with Bart in front with Piano Man. Tony and I are talking about massages in airports, and that neither of us would do it. Kent is talking to Jane
Kerner. There goes the first three from this group, Piano Man in front. Still sort of quiet. Paul and Jennifer Root are celebrating their 22nd anniversary, and so I announced congratulations to to Paul and condolences to Jennifer. Kim Steel met her cousin who she hasn't seen in 20 years, here today. I got to meet her as well.

Ed is doing more of the same. There goes Cindi Bartley, and I see Sam Colvan. I also see Madge Kling, and also Joe Bahari.

So as not to pull a "Dania" I will go ahead and save this, and start a new one. That will also make Sally happy as it will be a shorter post. I guess we have about another hour to go before he starts to cut out his enemies, and reward his friends. OK, here we go again. Nothing is happening. There goes Alex. And the dogs go round and round and come out here. Anyone remember Perry Como?

Kathy Aubrey went by, and there is Kathy Potter and Donna Callabrese. Donna and Sue seem to be bonding, and there is no room for Bob. There goes Frank Fasano, and what a great party he puts on. We get invited now, and so we know we are successful in the breed. Jamirouqual went around and got some applause. Kickask is in the ring with his handler. There is Don Jones. I see Gary Schimschack, and that probably is not the right spelling, I
should have ignored him and said Frank Tate went by, who would know if it was true or not? This crowd is quiet.

It is 3:30 and everyone is talking and laughing. That is it for this group, and on to the next. Six more in there. There goes Ellie Gode, or whatever her name is now. I got to hug Mephisto a minute ago, what a handsome dog. There goes Bud Drew. Maybe we should get rid of the individuals and just go with sidegait. It would work out int he end. Leslie is giving directions to another handler, and he is listening. Leslie is resplendent in a yellow blouse with black capri pants. There goes Paul Mazzone, and in the ring is Adelhund's Class Act. There goes Helen Lianopolis. Jerry Guzman is talking to us now, and he did a great job on Chimes. Chimes would not get off Tedi, and I yelled all I could, but I think five days in a crate were too much. She looked good, but didn't keep going when she needed to.

Still it is Can/Amer. Select Champion Shelby's Chimes of Asgard, and I like the sound of that.

There goes Lanalee with a very short legged Shepherd in her arms. Now the Maturity Dog is going around and the crowd wakes up. I guess Ed is wondering what is going on. Kent is out there with Dallas, and it will be interesting to see what the crowd thinks. The crowd likes him. Actually he is a nice dog. Good condition, great color, and Lamar Fredricks is talking to me. Kevin is standing over by the tables and looks great. I guess he hasn't smoked since his problem, and says he is done with that.

One more group to go. There goes the first three from this group, and Ed is looking them over, making no notes. And now the last four. One last time around. 67 dogs shown in Specials. Tony counted them. Now the next The group. There is Rita now. The last group is in there and
Tony is starting to get ready for the last time to tell me what is going on. Jim Vom Fiemereck is in there now, and waht a nice color. Morris is here, and talking to Sue. Extra Extra is in this group, and should be popular. Only two more to go before he goes up. Dawnmarie is taking pictures of the audience, and Tedi always does the picture board. So this year she got to make suggestions, and I have seen them, they are great. I asked her to send them to me, and I am talking to me, and she is bringing me cookies, and is talking to me. She is going to send the pictures.

Now Extra Extra. Down and Back, and around. The crowd loves him, and the most noise of the day. There is Bill Tank, and Ken. There they are
standing as Ed looks them over. He looks stern and stops next to each one. He looks at thema gain, and tells them tot ake them around one time. Ed turns his back and there they go!

Some noise, but not anything to write home about.

Now a new group, with seven in this group. This is all the extra stuff, moveups, and the last group will have Veterans and Winners in it. There
is Karen Taylor. Don Knight is talking to me now. There goes Ellen Migliore. Linda Kury came by, and is talking to Joan Fox. There is Bob Kish. I see Guzman out of the ring, I guess he is in the other group. There is Tari Kridler, and now Sally Hayden's dog is in the ring, Original Sin.

Alicia came up to meet with us, and is sitting at the announcer's table. Bob Lindsey is still filming. There go the handlers back to get their dogs
ready. We had put Chimes back in her crate for about an hour after the class started. There goes Carl Radsivitch. I saw Betty earlier.

Gloria is running around in there, and it is amazing that she can look so good. I hope I can do it when I get over 40 too. There is Cathy Aubre.

Now THE LAST GROUP IS IN THERE. Winner's dog in front, then Junior Veteran, Senior Veteran and the Conditional Class dog. There is Bret. It was pointed out to me by Alycia that not only were there a Sire and Daughter in Senior Veterans, and also a Dam Daughter in Veterans, and the daughter was the Hero daughter.

Bob Lindsey is having sex behind me with his wife. It sound obscene and I am not going to turn around. Tiffany with the Veteran is a crowd pleaser, and Ed is making a note. Again we have lost controll, and Bob is trying to get some relief, and Dania is helping.

Bob Lindsay is here, so it is Dania, Tony, Alicia, Bob Lindsey, Sue and myself. Everyone likes the Veteran. Tedi just smiled at me. I think it is
the Select, not me. Here we go with he first group and all the rest for the first of many cuts. The wound of many cuts. Dania is going to tell me who he keeps, so I will try to keep up.

They enter the ring, and they are milling around, and everyone is looking for their place. Ed has left the building, and Karen Wagner and Bob Grady is checking the placements. The ring stewards are checking the placings, and are walking down the line. There is Elmo with Alex, Jerry is right behind him. Lew is here. Here comes Tony. Thank God, I was not confident with Dania, but I bet she would do well, But after this morning for your benefit we will work with Tony. They are all waiting and it seems like ten minutes so far. Both Dania and Tony will be working with me to do this. Most of the crowd is on their feet, and Ed just walked by going intot he ring. Everyone is lined up and watching each other's dog, wondering if they can beat that one. The ring is full for most of two sides. Ed is in the ring, talking to his ring stewards, and he is walking towards the front of the line. He is looking at notes. And he stops, and there he goes again. Ed is on the move.

He looks up, and looks back, and now to the front. He goes to the first dog, and he adjusts his galasses and takes Kurt Russell Choncho Wells Fargo, Antiqua, Willo, Hyabasu, Wild Welt Pilgrim, Hoodlum, Booker, Rollins, Worth The Trip, Jagg, Woody Bearleson, Rio, Nick, Sharp Shooter, Samuel, Kid Carson, Magellan, Piano Man, Jesse James, Jamiroquali, Kicker, Hazerdous to Your Health, Bono, Dallas, Jamaci Me Crazy, Jerry, Scoop, Starbuck's In Motion, Titanic, Chablis Original Sin, National Cup, Winner's Dog Cargo. Lots of jeers when he didn't keep the Veterans. Now he moves the cuts together, and the unkindest cut of all, the first cut at the National. There they go in a group of six, probably for the last time this year in the ring at St. Louis. Ed walks over and tells the next group of six to go. Not much applause, but some beautiful animals, but not keepers as far as I can tell. Taj is in that group. Now the next six. Olivia is in there and letting her dog out 12 ft. Now another six. And there they go. Mr. T. is there, and he still looks good. And here goes the last six, and they take a good run, and cheers for the Veteran. And off they go, with appreciative applause. I love some of those dogs, but plenty of good ones left.

Ed looks them over and he moves to the front. 32 or so left. He goes to the first group, stands and looks at them, and moves to the fifth one, and
says take these six around. He looks back AND TELLS THEM TO MOVE UP. He tells everyone else to hug the ring, and around they go.

Ed is looking at them, they come to a stop,a nd he sends them to the end of the ring. He is walking over to them, and he says something tot he crowd, and he takes the last one coming and going, (Antigua) and he leaves him as they were. Now he goes to the next six, posed in the ring. He looks them over stacked, points to them all, and tells them to take them around. In there is Elmo and Booker. Led by Hayabasu. Also Rollins is in this group. Shit happens.

Ed signals them to move up behind the rest. There go the next six. Leading with Worth the Trip, Jag aned Woody and Rio, Nick and Sharp Shooter. The next six are posed. Dinia is doing the color and is doing a great job. He says, take them around, and the last chance to impress Ed, this trip. Magellan and Piano Man, Kid Carson, Jamiroquai, (I hear Ed likes that one). And, off they go to stand with the rest.

Now the next group, lead with Kicker, Bono0 and Dallas. We called for a Vet, but I don't thinnk we have one on the grounds. Ed sends them to the end of the line, and takes the last group around. Lots of cheers and I have no idea. I just figured it out. SCOOP! They come to the back, and Ed walks the length of the ring to the front of the line. He is looking at the first few dogs.

He looks at his notes and pulols Kurt, Honcho, Night Moves, Hayabusa, Wild West Elmo, Booker, Rollins, Worth The Trip, Jag, Woody, Rio, Nick,
Sharpshooter, Piano Man, Kid Carson, Jamiroquai, Bono, Dallas, Jerry, Starbuck, Scoop, Titanic, and Cargogh. He takes the other 11 around for
what is going to be the last time, absent a miracle and the rest will probably go select. There they go, some real nice dogs there, and Ed looks and tells them to take it right out of the ring.

Now some noise, and 25 in there, there is going to be some more cutting before we get to go home. It is tense, and you can feel it. Ed puts his
notes away, and goes to the front and tells the first six to take a lap. There they go wiuth Kurt in front. Now the next six, we have Elmo, Rollins, Booker. Elmo leads and the crowd loves it. Elmo, Booker and Rollins. Now there are three super-stars.

Now the next six. Ed says, one time. Rio, Kurt, Scoop and Piano man in this group. There they go, and lots of yelling, but not as much as the last
class. Ed takes a long look, and moves to the last group of seven. He says take them all, and there they go. Kent hung back to give some room to
Dallas, and he seems to be slowing down, but maybe that is the way Ed wants him.

Here w4e go. He looks at his notes and scratches his head. He looks again and is going to pull them in order. He goes down the entire line and tells us all to shut up. With a gesture. Here we go. Back to the front, and he is looking and looking and he looks some more, taking his time, cocks his head, and the crowd is tense. He checks his notes and looks again and now he backs up, and moves to the front and counts. He tels the first six to go to the other side of the ring. He is looking with his hand on his hip.

No noise for that group. He watches them all the way. And rubs his nose and tells then to go back in front. Now he is next to the second six and walks to the front and takes the next group, with his head down, now looking and shading his eyes. Elmo is leading. He moved Elmo in front of that group. He is approaching the first group again. And he pulls Kurt, Choncho, Night Moves, Hayabusa, Tobuk, Wild West, Booker, Rollins, Worth The Trip, Woody and he takes the rest of the first two groups around. Now Sharp Shooter, Kid Carson, Piano Man, Jamiroqui. He now has the rest totake around and there they go.

He looks at them and moves them up. And out they go, except The Beat Goes On, (Bono) Dallas, Jerry, Scoop, Starbucks, Titanic and Cargough. Elmo is gone.

Now Ed is looking them over and he still has 22, and it looks like there is going to be another cut to come, and he has way too many good dogs to
judge. He takes the first one down and back. Now the second one, Choncho, now Night Moves, and not much applause for any of them. He takes Night Moves Again. Next Hayabusa. He moves him to second. Now Tobruk, no change. Now Wild West, has him stand aned leaves him there. Now Booker, with Guzman, and Ed looks and looks, and he moves him to Second. Next is Rollins with Dave Rinke, and he goes back and stands loose, and he stays where he is. Now Worth the Trip, and Ed watches him and moves him up in front of Rollins. Now Woody, with Diane, and Ed has him stand and takes him to eighth. Now we see Nick, and he moves him to Sixth. Now we see Sharp Shooter go out and back and stays where he is. Now Kid Carson, and looks and he is going to move him, he looks at the dogs and he says, "take him to number four". Piano Man, and moves him up two in front of Rollins. Now Jamiroquai, and to seventh. Now Bono, and Ed has him stand and he has his hands on his hips but leave him. Now Dallas, and with Kent,Ed say, hold him there, and moves him to forth. He moves Bono to BOD, (fifth). Now he looks at Jerry, and takes him down and back like the rest, and he moves him to twelth. Now on to Scoop. What a crowd favorite. It is deafening. He looks at him and leaves him were he is for now. Now Starbucks, and Ed takes Scoop to number ONE. The crowd loves it. Everyone is laughing. Ed is playing with us, isn't he? Now Titanic. This is too much fun. He leaves Titanic for now, he seems to wait for the next one to move what he is doing. He brings the last three and he is looking and looking and looking, and he leaves them at the rear. Ed is looking at Dallas, and now to the front. Hayabasu to second, now Bono to third. What a way to do it. Now Ed walks down the line. He is almost to the end, and now back to the front. He is looking at the last half of the class and is almost to the end, and now back to the front. He is looking with his hands in his pockets. Lots of
tension. He is looking at Dallas, and now to the front. Now in front with the front four dogs. He says move them all and WOW, does the crowd love that. He only takes the first five. Last is Booker.

Ed is looking and turns his back and moves Booker up one. Concho crapped and slowed down the show. Ed is near the end, and he has 22, and I don't think he can do that many. He moves up Dallas to the group in sixth, and moves the next six with Kid Carson in front, Dallas didn't have to move with the group in front of him, or the group behind him. Ed walks to them, What tension. That makes twelve. Now Ed looks at his last 10. He tells them to take a trip around. He moves up Piano Man to 13, and brings up Jerry, Woody, Wild West and Worth the Trip. Standing off starting with Rollins are another five, and their hearts must be beating like crazy. There are 16 out there in one group, and the other five off in back. Ed walks the line of the first group, and approaches the second. He takes Cargough, (Winner's Dog) and puts him last, and lets the other four go.

Now he has 18 in there, and very deep quality. They all go around, with Scoop in front. Hayabusa in second and there they go. It is loud in here.
Ed is looking at them all, no expression on his face, and there it is. SCOOP DOES IT!

GV Scoop, Hayabusa, Bono, Booker, Concho, Dallas, Kid Carson, Kurt Russell, Night Moves, Jamiroquai, Nick, Tobruk, Piano Man, Divnas Jerry, Woody Bearelson, Wild West, Worth The Trip and Cargogh.

What a different way to judge, but still lots of fun and exciting. Glad to be here, and had a lot of fun. I love Scoop, and sorry that Elmo didn't go, but still a great group of dogs. Ed seemed like he wanted to go 25 deep, and the quality was there.

I will be at the dinner, and will post the election results later tonight. Enjoy! Blame Flower Boy for this morning

Specials: Dave Rinke
Dogs: Cappy Pottle
Bitches: Helen Gleason





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