Dates:  October 13 -19 (Wednesday - Saturday)  
Tuesday Night Futurity/Maturity 



  • Intersex  Mr Ed Barritt
  • Dogs      Mr. John F. DeHope
  • Bitches   Mr. Michel Chaloux


  • Ms. Dalene McIntire Utility A, Utility B, Open A
  • Mr. Steven Picclinolo Novice A, Open B
  • Ms. Gail Brown Novice B

Agility and Herding and Tracking:

Agility:  Joan Meyer      


  • Ms. Cappy Pruett
  • Mr. Gerard Baudet
  • Ms. Marie-Paule Gherardi


  • Billie French
  • Ralph A. Sneve


 For a Full Catalogue and Details, Use the OFFICIAL GSDC of America Site

Site: The America's Exposition Park, St. Louis, Missouri
Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Wentzville
900 Corporate Way,
Wentzville, MO 63385

Show Chairperson: Debbie Hokkanen

1. and
RESERVE WINNERS BITCH TAMAR'S PANACHE, JY668612 CANADA, 12/27/99. Breeder, J. & C. Gibbons and B. andA. Lidbury. By Kennelwood's Knight Rider Proven Hill's Up 'N' At It. Owner, Sheree Moses and John and Christine Gibbons
2.MAC DAN'S MERCEDES, DL893386/04, 08/31/01. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Smokin Joe
of Nordlicht Ch. MacDan's Tagg. Owner, Maxine and Dr Daniel Rader
3.CASTLEHILL'S 'CUZ I CAN V FRONTIER, DL879583/05, 01/31/01. Breeder, G. Hardcastle and J. Guzman and K. Taylor and M. Stoll. By Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision Ch. Castlehill's 'Cuz I Want To, PT. Owner, Alycia and Scott Partei
4.KEN-DELAINE'S COUNTRY JEWEL, DL853684/03, 08/02/00. Breeder, OwnersKen and Delaine Thomson . By Ch. Gonvi-Ruklakar's Manny Ch. Ken-Delaine's Via of Basic Four
1.KENLYN'S ROXANNE V SAJELA, DL855213/01, 06/11/00. Breeder, Kent Boyles. By Ch. Yarmorks Elvis Jodi of Fran-Jo II. Owner, Sandra J. Lavin and Kent Boyles
2.KALEEF'S ALL ABOUT EVE, DL904481/01, 11/13/01. Breeder, J. & S. Moses and J. and J. Olivier. By Ch. Kismet Sights For Sore Eyes Kaleefs Valle. Owner, Janet S. Lange and Joseph Vergenti and Sheree Moses
3.JOELLE'S I GOT A SECRET V SHAKER, DL888137/03, 06/18/01. Breeder, T. and R.Bartley and J. Corbin. By Ch. Bredwel Jakester of Joelle, CD Joelle's Beatrice V Diamond. Owner, Betty K. McDermott and Tif Bartley and JoAnn Corbin
4.ARAMIST'S DAPHNE OF BODEGA, DL801854/02, 07/20/99. Breeder, Owners D. Calbrese and B.Steinbeck and L. Dancosse and E. Ashdown. By Ch. Covytuckerhills Flyn Jib Bodega, PT Ch. Bodega Sunomi Covytuckerhill.


1.COVY-TUCKER HILL'S WILDROSE, UD, DL794662/01, 03/16/99. Breeder, Onwer. By Covy-Tucker Hill's Firestorm Covy-Tucker Hill's R-Gril Poppy. Owner, Gloria F. Birch and Cappy Pottle
2.KISMET'S PRETTY LIES N ALIBIS, DL879032/01, 04/01/01. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Scher-Lo's Jr Executive Ch. Kismet Jo-San's Heart Song. Owner, Dr. Robert S. Kish and Maryellen Kish
3.SCHER-LO'S ALOUETTA, DL711891/04, 10/15/97. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Scher-Lo's Jr Executive Ch. Scher-Lo's Contessa of Yarmork. Owner, Adeline M. Scherz and Nathalie Lowe
4.CEDAR CANYON MARCY CLAYFIELD, DL823799/01, 02/14/00. Breeder, Owner. By Clayfield Zamboni V Castlehill Cedar Canyon Shani Clayfield. Owner, JoAnn Keefe

1.GONVI SU-RO'S EDDIE, DL884680/02, 04/12/01. Breeder, Gonzalo Godoy and Sue and Roy Clark. By Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny Ch. Scarlett of Gonvi. Owner, Abner Mercado
2.KARIZMA'S BORN IN THE U.S.A, DL883003/01, 03/25/01. Breeder, Iza Kabuska. By Ch. Scher-Lo's Jr Executive Karizma's Kookaracha. Owner, Adeline M. Scherz and Nathalie Lowe
3.DENRIDGE'S BOUNTY HUNTER, DL872947/01, 02/02/01. Breeder, Denise Brock and Tony Eldridge. By Ch. Riverdell's Desperado Amber's Sassy Lassie. Owner,Denise Brock and Tony Eldridge and Charlotte and Larry Gilbert
4.KEN-DELAINE'S MARKS MAN, DL884144/06, 04/04/01. Breeder, Owner, Ken and Delaine Thomson. By Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny Tanglewood Bacall of Kengin.
1.ARAMISTS TURBO CHARGED JOELLE, DL876715/07, 01/23/01. Breeder, D. Calabrese and L. and J. Dancosse. By Ch. Breauhausen's Titanic Ch. Aramist's Ivana of Colebrook. Owner, Tiffany Bartley and Joanne Corben and D. Calabrese L. Dancosse
2.ACARA'S MUSTAFA, DL811750/08, 09/03/99. Breeder, Randy and Cathy Darnell. By Ch. Sweetwaters Royal of Saxony Acara's Santa Maria of Edan. Owner, Randy and Cathy Darnell and F. Orlando & G. Berstler
3.BROWNHILL-KYSARAHS MAKEMYDAY, DL846831/09, 06/24/00. Breeder, E. St.Hilaire and D. DeBem. By Ch. Brownhill's Willow V Kysarah Sanremos Lady Sarah My Dream. Owner, Emily A. St.Hilaire & Liz Boyce & Frank DeBem
4.CHABLIS RISING SUN PEDDACRES, DL879085/02, 03/07/01. Breeder, C. and A. Bartley. By Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham, TC, HIC Chablis' Sugar Baby. Owner, Margaret M. Douglas and Cindy and Ardoin Bartley


1.GONVI SU-RO'S ELSTON, DL884680/01, 04/12/01. Breeder, Gonzalo Godoy and Sue and Roy Clark. By Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny Ch.Scarlett of Gonvi. Owner, Gonzalo and Vilma Godoy
2.WHITSIDE'S ONLY IN AMERICA, DL874910/01, 03/27/01. Breeder, Owners, Steven E. and Nancy G. Whitworth, . By Ch. T-Ho's For Whom The Bell Tolls Whitside's Holiday.
3.WELOVE DUCHIEN'S NATHAN, DL848126/06, 09/17/00. Breeder, Jane Kerner and Jeff Moebius. By Ch. Stoneway's Uecker Welove Duchien's Bethel. Owner, John Schacht and Jeff Moebius and Jane Kerne
4.FAITHROCK-LANGLITZ JOSHUA HH, DL820878/20, OFA H GS-64034G27M-PI OFA E GS-EL13790M27-PI 01/20/00. Breeder, Wilma L. Miller. By Ch. Langlitz's Rapid Fire, TC Esmeralda of Basic Four. Owner, Terry and Larry Rock

Results of GSDCA Board Election:

Correspondence Secretary - Sharon Allbright
Treasurer- Bill Pfeiffer

Board members:
Deborah Hokkanen
Gail Hardcastle
Lew Bunch
Gary Sczymczak
David Landau
Tony Sczuka
Lamar Frederick

It is with much regret that I see both D.D. Ardoin and Rita Sandell leave this board as they have been hard working members and great associates. However I am sure that they will continue to be involved and give of themselves to this club and to this board. I also would like to welcome, Sharon and Tony. it will be good to see some new and energetic blood coming to the board.

It has been a long and exhausting National. My thanks to Evan who keeps everyone abreast of the going ons here and seems to be like the proverbial Energizer Bunny and keeps on going and going and going..... Good night all.

OK, the start of a new day. Evan is showing this morning, so I (Tony) am manning the microphone and the laptop by myself. True to Evan's flamboyant self, he is first in the ring. Michel checks everyone's armbands and here we go. Same as yesterday, he took the entire group of 26 around, and then took them around two at a time. Then he broke them up into groups for the individuals.

Doris Estabrook just stopped by - every body knows the real reason for the National is a chance to see everyone - we just figured since everyone would be here, that we would hold a dog show.


I gout out on the first cut, so I am on line again. I had no trouble in the ring, it was great to get out there again

From my group he only took one, Macban's Mercedes, and the rest of us are done. From the second group, he kept Whitside's Taken Back My Heart, and Cypres Willowlake Karme, from the third group Tamar's Panache, Kendelaine's Country Jewel, and Vici's Whitchblade. Now he kept from the forth group Marneeth's Tallahassee, and Fellsway Chyna. Now he is looking at his winners group, or keepers since I was let free early, if you want.
He is looking at each one, having them go around one time.

First is Leslie, (yes she is back) with Mercedes. Next is Kenny with Take Back My Heart, Ten Carma with Georgie. Next is Kent with Panach, (Sheree Moses is yelling in front of us). Bill with Country Jewell. Next is Jeff with Witchblade. Now Jerry with Cuz I can. Now Alex with Tallehasse. Now Diane with Chyna.

Now he puts up front Panache, then Mercedez, Cuz I Can, the Country Jewel, and THAT'S IT!

Boy, what a difference today, they must have said something because he was much faster.On the one hand it was great to watch, and on the other, I had a fine time and didn't fall or look too stupid. It was something else to get back in the ring, and I may even do this stuff some more.

In the other ring, John is working his class. There were 24 Novice Bitches, and the Novice Dog class is much smaller. John looks rested and doing a good job. Michel does look great in a tuxedo, and has great ring procedure. He does a great job, and finds the good ones.

I just talked to a new bunch of people, some just came to the show, such as John Trapp. Leon Breau is hower, adn talking ot Jack Newton. I am not announcing today, since I was in the ring, and probably should not announce when I am in the ring.

John continues to do his thing, and working the class. The dogs are starting to look like German Shepherds, and termperament seems great. It is quiet and the announcers are getting restless. We are bored, and Bob is asking a lot of questions of Tony, and Tony is givien good answers. Around and round they go. Lana Lee was jsut here, and Ken Downing is gladhanding everyone. Karen Taylor is making fun of me, and Nancy Hebbell is helping. John is looking and looking, and now on his last class. Now Johhn is arranging them in groups, and is walking back out. He pulls a group, (I have lost track of what is going on, I am having too much fun). Bob Dresher wants to know why I am wearing a 25 year pin, he has a 20 year pin, and we have both been in this for over 30 years. I told him you get extra years for champions, and ROMs. He was satisfied.

John first Karizma's Born in the USA, then second Gonvi Su Rose's Eddie, then Utopia's Star Spangled Banner, aned in forth Jo-Win's Dapper Dan, then KenDelaine's Marks Man. John is working this group, and in the group Windy Acres Always Mine of Rivendall, and Mac Dan's Bentley. that seems to be a group, but he hasn't cut anyone yet.

Bill Tank is out there with Mark's Man. I think John is looking them over again, and for some reason pulled him out, then put him back. Everyone is getting a good look. The crowd is very very quiet. I was just handled a metal that says, "Volenteers make a difference" from Joyce Gray. I do appreciate it, and Tony Bob and I work hard at this, but it is also a great deal of fun. The dust is a bit of a problem, and it is what caused Leslie a problem. Tammy Howard is here now, looking FOR Michael Graham, and the dogs continue to go around. I see Sharon Allbright, and it is great to have Twyla Miner at the shows again. She has missed a lot of Nationals, and so it feels like the old days again. Colin and Pat Easton are here, and DD keeps whispering to us.

I am going to go off to work the crowd, get some breakfast, and let everyone tell me that I should have won the Novice Bitch class, and that I got robbed. I will leave it to Tony to type for us all.

Tony here - I was working too hard to make notes (anyone believe that??); but the dogs that made the cut were, Karizma's Born in the USA, Elite Designs Joker By Dollo, Denridge's Bounty Hunter, Stonekroft's Johnny Cash, Ken-Delaine's Marks Man, Bravo's Braveheart of Nordlicht, and Gonvi Su-ro's Eddie.

After a little bit of gaiting, some jostling, and a lot of doubling, John decided on his final picks - Eddie, then Born in the USA, Bounty Hunter, and Marks Man.

Charlie Chester stopped by - he told me not to write about him in next months column - hmmm. . . . .

On to Bred-By Bitches. There are 15 Bitches in the ring. It is me again, Tony handled the last part.

This is a more reasonable size class, Gloria Birch was just talking to us, and I was talking to Aurdry Braga. I see Jack Newton talking to Fred Migliore, I think they are tryong to figure out how they can get elected to judge again. I was able to spend some quality time with Flower Boy, and He and Thurman are hanging around together. I think it is a Raider thing. Paula, not Pamela is now down to earth. Jack Budd is talking to me, and as usual doesn't hav emuch to say.

In the ring Michel continues to work the ring, adn going over the dogs. The last dog is now going around and I suspect Michel is ready to start the unkindest cut of them all. Kenny Cunningham stoped by, and so far Michel is doing his thing, an working the Bred By Bitches. I see Audry Braga talking to the crowd. I talked to Wayne Davis, and John DeHope is now here, ready to start again. Frank and Barbar Lopez are talking to us, and Karen Wagner is sitting with us to talk to. Now Bob Gradyis here with his electric Blue jacket.

Michel is going down the line, looking at his Bitches, and making notes, and now taking the first five around. Kent is yelling at someone, and the first group is stopped, and he pulls some but Bob is talking to Karen, can't tell me who it is. Tony went on a break, so I may have to just to wait and see who is left.

Lew Bunch came by to talk about the moving of cars. We have some that are blockiing and evidently not him. And Michel keeps on keeping on. I am doing a bit of announcing, just to stay in practice. Ed Barrit keeps staring at me, I thinnk he wants me to talk to him. But I am savind myself for Specials.

I don't need no stinkin handlers, I can show in Specials. I said that to Tedi, and she just rolled her eyes. Of course she had the same reaction in 1982 when I said the same thing. Paul Mazzone just came by and Tim Trap is talking to us. Ann Schutlz is here now, and looking like she wants to win again. Michel is doing his thing, and taking the Bred By Bitches around. Working on his next to last group. We just called the Bred By Dogs, and so they will be in the ring soon. there is Bill Basu, and Dick Whalen is here with us. I see Ken Tank talking to Paul Mazzone, and Bill Basu with Jack Newton. And the judging goes on. there is Pattie Breault with her new baby, I guess she needs to train a new handler. Here comes John, so I guess we are ready to go in the other ring. Mary Stoll stopped by and I was talking to Jamie Walker earlier. Frank Fasno just yelled at me from the ring, I announce the Bred By Dogs and said since they didn't need handlers, they could all report in. Frank is in Bred by Bitches.

So is Leslie, Sherrie Moses, Diane Brown, Mike Sherman, Tiffany, and a few other handlers. They all must be breeding dogs now.

Michel is making a lot of notes, and looking at his last group. He seems poised. Jamie Ross just came by and is fit and ready to go.

He pulled Brownhill Kysarah Worth It to the front. He is looking, and he says, "TAKE THEM AROUND" There they go. He pulled Kaleef's All bout Eve and Aramist's Daphne of Bodega. He set those three aside, and let the rest go off to whine and moan. From the next group he is checking his notes, he pulled Tiffany with Joelle's I Got a Secret and Bravo's Guinivive of Nordlich and Kenlyn's Rocksand V Sajela. Those are the keepers, and he is looking at them, and takes them around. Michel is looing intense, there they go. Full leads, the dogs are letting it out out. Frank DeBend is in front and with a 12 ft. lead. There they go with Tiffany in front, the second group of three.There are six left. Michel is looking and pulls Kent with Roxanne, then Tinffany with Secret, then Eve, and forth is Worth It. They are going to make one pass alone, and Michel watches them all the way. Leslie is now going around with Daphny, the Worth It with Frank. The crowd likes that one. Guinivire is going around, and now they all go and THAT'S THE WAY IT IS.

The winners are Roxanne, then Eve, Secret, and last Daphne.

Bred by Dogs are in the ring.There are only seven in the class, so he is working them all together. I have to remember this. I need to show a Bred By Male. The last time I showed in Bred By Males, I won the class with Ken Downing going second. That may help to tell you how long ago it was.

I keep meeting List people, and I have to try to remember who they are, and maybe after the party I can remember. Dawnmarie is talking to us, and not watching the show at all.

It looks like John may be placing things, and so we are trying to figure out what is going on. Paul Root just came by and asked what is going on. Pat Ayres must be here, I see a lot of orchid necklaces. I would say leis, but I don't know how to spell it. Terry Hower is here, and telling me jokes. I was just talking to Ed Barrit, who was trying to tell a joke, but forgeting the punch line. But, since he is juding on Saturday, we all laughed anyway.

Johnis looking at his Bred by Dogs, doing the individuals. Leslie is in there, and seems to be in every class, so I guess she is fully recovered. John pull out Acra's Mustafa, then Aramists Turbo Charged Joelle in Front, third is Brownhill's Kysarah's Makemy day. He is looking at the last three, and fourth is Chablis Rising Son of Peddacres. There goes Turbo Charged and Mustaffa, and he moved Mustaffa in front. They go around that way and John moved Turbo back in front. They go around and John is looking and looking and THAT'S IT!

The winners are Turbo Charged, Mustaffa, Make My Day, and Rising Son.

Now they are going to do the presentation class. I am typing, Tony is announcing the winners, and Bob is talking on his cell phone. Dan Smith just came by. I am taking a break, and watching the Presentation Class.


They opened up the ring, and it is a sight to see. They fill the ring, and so far it looks like very few absentees. It looks like a class of 25. Everyone is in there. Bill Leonord just came by, and made some remark about the SV. I see a lot more excitement in the crowd, there is something about the American Bred class that brings it up. Kathy Gray is working hard, I suspect she is double handling. It takes about five minutes for everyone to go around, and there they go in twos. the first two are Patti and Bart. I don't think I will name them all, it would be too much typing. However, the presentation class was great, we saw some great classes and lots of good progeny.

Both Bob and Tony left, so I can do anything I want. I may take the microphone and sing Moon River. Now Michel is looking at his first group of five. I see Georgie, Leslie, wearing a mask, (it is getting dusty in here), Diane and Bill Basu. There are some beautifull bitches here, and they are letting them out. Michel is not as insistant on a loose lead, but does look hard at every one. He calls the first bitch out, Noblecroft's Crown Annie Ann. Doing the indifidual, and now down and back. There goes Rita and I see Maryellen Kish in front of the anouncer's table. They all keep walking back and forth. The bitch is going around, and now he calls Georgie out with Kismet's Pretty Lies N Alibis. Now I know why Maryellen was here. There goes Jan Coleman and Dalain Thomson. Jess Green is talking to me, and I see Ed Barrit has Terri Miles Green in conversation. Down and Back for Georgie.

Leslie is now out there with Aramist's Tiara V Eagle Valley.

Kim Steele is now going to type in her comments. She refuses to say anything, don't you hate shy people?

Now out there is Diane with Sher-lo's Alouetta. And around she goes.

Up next is Bill Basu with J\js Seven of nine. Down and Back. And that's the group. Joan Fox is talking to me and tells me Linda went crazy, and was dancing on the table. I hear she was flashing the crowd, so ask her when you see her. I heard it from Joan.

Bob Lindsey is here on the stand with us, and wearing shorts. Now for the second broup. Out there from the second group is Artdello's Bold n Beautifull. Bill Tank is out there with Depahl's Allegro of Erynbrook. There goes Olivia with Bihari's Yola V Sirius Park, down and back and around. Now we have Totan's Kori of Piper Hill with Ross. Now going out is Crystal Clr's Delta Down Ceegee. He wants then around again,a nd stop back for another look. Take them home, and now the next group. In front Laurie with Cedar Canyon Marcy Clayfield. And he takes them around. Marcy goes to the center of the ring. I was talking to Kim,` and I missed

Ken Tank with Mariner's Point of View, and now Kent is going around with Welove Du Chien's Sassy Girl. Crissy Heiman is out there with Jecoda' Mahogany. Last from this group is Mike Sherman with Mar Haavenh's Dear Abbey of Asgard, (a Ben daughter to the dam of Color Guard). He takes them around and looks them over.

He makes him notes, and is looking and takes them around to the big home aside the ring.

Now for the next group. He takes them around and first out is Jecoda's Mimic. Then New Era's first Klass Tebe Nobe, Bart with Hickoryhill's Speack Easy of Bihari, Ej's High Expectations and last is Vici's Wild as The Wind. The regular routine. I see Morris for the first time, and Bill Leonard won't leave the area. Gail Hardcastle is still smiling. Mary Tripp stopped by.

This is the last one of this class, and Michel is looking them over, taking some notes, and sending them around again. They go off to wait hours now, and in comes the next group. In front is Covy-Tucker Hill's Wild Rose, then Tiffany with Ambers Heartbreaker, then Judsohn's Liza with AZ, Bravo's Camelot of Nordlicht, and then Alex with Ranita Rysher Kristi Brinkly, for the last group. Dong the regular stuff, and nothing new yet. Soon, he will start weeding out the weeds, and do some gardening.

Lew Bunch is sitting in front of us talking to Joyce Eberts and DD Ardoin. Tony Bob and I are working on staying awake, and so we will have to start playing cards.

The last of this group is done, and that is his last group, so I assume he will start picking. He is at the front of the group and tells the handler to let the dog stand, he takes them around and says bring them back to him, not set them aside. The circle the ring, and are back in front of Michel. He is checking his notes, (Denice just walked by), and Michel is looking them over and he sends them aside withy the others. He brings out the first group again He looks at his notes, looks down again, approaches the dogs, adn looks at each one one at a time. He is at the end, backs up and tells them to take thema round. There they go.

It is a full ring, so the dogs can't start untill he finishes. He pulls Pretty Lies, Alouettta and Seven of Nines, and on to the next group. He is looking at them all, only four in this group. and around they go. No applause yet, everyone is waiting to see what happens and who is going to
take that long walk out of the ring, (as I did).

He is reading his notes and looking at the bitches, and he walks over to the group, pulls out Allegro, and excuses the rest. Now the next group, he is making notes as they stand this time, and he is going to the front, loking at them from both sides and walking down the group. He stands back and sends them around.

Off they go, with no cheers yet, and they make the trip, and stop in front of the judge. Some scatterd applause, one hand clapping. He pulls Marcy, Sassy and Dear Abbey, (in case anyone forgets, the Ben daughter). The next to the last group is out there, he looks them over, makes some notes, and more notes as they go around. Now he looks them over, and pulls First Klass and Speak Easy.

He still have 12 there, with the last group out there. He takes some time, looks at them and pulls Wild Rose, and heartbraker. Now they all come out, he has 11 in the ring, so some dreams still alive. He looks the line up and down, walks to the end, looking at every bitch. He moves the last six back and takes the first five around. Now the crowd comes alive, some cheers, and a few wistles, but not much yet. They are spead out, and so far he hasn't placed anyone.

He sets them back and brings out the rest. They all set them up, and Michel isn't looking at them. Now he goes to the front and walks the group, looking as he goes, and tells them to go around and stop back there. I see Don Knight watching closely.

They seem to all be working hard and Michel is watching, and he approaches and sets them back behind th eother group. He approaches the first group and puts up front Pretty Lies, Alouetta, Marci, Sassy, Wild Rose, and Heartbreaker and excuses the rest. They are still in entry order, but those are what he is keeping. He is taking them down and back. Each gets some applause and they go down and back. I think he has a way to go yet, and the crowd seeems to realize that.

He is on the forth of the six, Kent going down and back. Everyone is standing, and a lot of doubling going on. He is on the last one with Tiffany, and now he goest tot he inside of the ring and looks them over. He tells them "One time around." And, off they go, one at a time. Georgie, then Diane, then Cristy, Kent, Morris and Tiffany. The crowd likes Diane wiht Alouetta. Kent coming up, with Sassy, and two to go.

He now places them with Wild Rose in second. Pretty Lies is still in front. He takes them around and tells them to take it easy. He is doing two at a time. There goes Georgie and Morris. Next up is Diane and Cristie. Then Kent and Tiffany. He moves Wild Rose into first. He moves Heartbraker to BOD. Now they take off again, and there they go. Lots of double handeling. AND THAT'S THE WINNERS.

Wild Rose, Pretty Lies, Allouetta, and last was Marcy.

I got to talk to John DeHopes wife for a while but she left.

Delaine is here now, so she can type.

hi everyone!!!

Evan is doing great job on the speaker --enjoying it here in St. Louis and not even announcing during the individuals --heehhe inside joke

We have seen so many great friends and its a ball wish more of you could be here- nice site-a bit dusty but nice grounds and - judging of American bred bitch class nice bitches -dogs about to back to Evan,..............

I will set this to go out later, and start a new post so as not to intimadate Frank who would prefer I do this in crayon.

All Martin is sitting with me with his daughter who is cute as hell. She is singing tomorrow, so we have to check out the system tonight. I see Sight for Sore Eyes' owner here, and Linda Batisoni just walked by. John is starting his judging, and has the first dog in the center of the ring. John is looking over his second four, and asking each one to be brought out to him. Now he bring out his second five. Georgie is in front, and thye are posed, and John isn't looking and is talking to Karen Wagner. Now he looks them over and takes his time, and takes them around. Each of them is going around and John is looking at them down and back, directly at the camera. And, off Georgie goes, after some conversation with Kent, who is next up. Tish Walker just walked by and said a few words.

John is looking stronger every day, and today he seems like he could go all week. I just talked to Michel, who is done for the day, and gritted my teeth and said nice things. I was leading the Novice Bitch class all day, up to the time he excused me. The fact that I came in first is not important. Actually both judges are doing a nice job, and I am sure my bitch will do her share of winning when she grows up. I was in good company when I left the ring, and maybe it is best, I am not worn out, still feel strong, and told Tedi I wanted to show my Special. She has no

Bob is gone, so it is just Tony and myself. Rick Olowsky came by, and had some word for us. I think I should type more and announce less. I notice some mumbling.

Now the next group. John is doing the individuals and Debbie just came by and told us that she is going to open the ring for people to use after the Junior seminar to let the dogs work the ring. Before they never did that before Friday night, so that is an advantage. It is more fun to watch the Specials on Friday night than almost any part of the show. There they all are, in the ring together, being worked by the handlers the best way they can. The owners go in as well, and it is a great sight.

More dogs going around, more dogs being checked for temperament, and more of the same. Slow time in the show, and just waiting for the individuals to be done. Norma Hansburg is talking to me. Everyone is finding something else to do, few are watching the ring. Everyone is milling
around, and not even much double handling, as they go around one at a time.

More of the same going on, and I just got done talking to Barbara Amadon and her daughter Sue. I also exchanged some jokes with Ralph Roberts, and tried to tell jokes to Michel, but evidently Canadians have a different sense of humor. The fact that he speaks limited English may have been the problem. He was very polite, but I know he didn't know what I was saying. A normal thing for me.

Ginny Altman was by to talk, and Leslie is standing in front of me with her mask on. I knew who she was anyway. Daphane came by to make sure I wasn't picking on Tony, and so far he is not telling her what I have been doing.

John is on his last group, and they are only four, so it should not be much longer that we start the last cuts of the day. Sort of like a butcher shop at closing time. Can you tell I am bored. Tony is worried that Debbie is talking to Daphane, and that might spell a problem for him. Maybe he can deny knowing her.

The noise level is picking up, but it is mostly conversations. No one is much for the show right now, and so we are all waiting for the last group to finish. I see Frank Martello standingther, as well as Charlona, Jack Bud, Linda Curry, and Tedi. Twyla is talking to Tedi, and both of them are watching the show at the same time.

Just two more dogs to go. It is like being at the opera, and knowing the aria is coming up. I am ready to call it a night, the first night took a lot out of us. A show ending at 11:00 does slow down the rest of the week. I understand there are pictures of Linda B dancing on a table and flashing the audience, so maybe we can get them posted to the List. Bob Freeny came by for a bit, and Bill Tank is talking to Ed Barritt, probably asking for a placing on Saturday. Gail Hardcastle went by, finally stopped grinning, but still looks happy. I supose now she is thinking about Elmo in Specials. I expect he will do well.

John is taking his last dog around, and so here we go with the slice and dice. Still everyone has hopes, and for a few minutes yet.

OK, I lied. There was a dog out of place, so he is looking at the last one now. I promise I am telling the truth. Now four are going around and I suspect he will start his picks.

He moves up to the group and he sets them back except for one. He kept Joell's Geovanni of Lownwood, Trafalger's Premium Blend, and Tindrock's Carrub Wallstreet. Now the nest group of five. John has his hands in his pockets, and is looking them over, and they stop. He points to Larceny Von Bonjen, and Totana Piper Hills Garth Brooks. On to the next group, and he is talking to them, giving them more directions,a nd say, slow them down. He is looking and gestures them around with a sweep of his arm. In front is Julie Foster, adn they take off running, with Ken Tank in the rear. They come around and the crowd is a bit more into it. They keep going and there they are. John walks over to them and keeps them all Faith Rock- Langlitz Joshua, Whiteside's Only In America, and two more,and from the last group, Karizmas Piano Man Von Loar, Gonvi Su-Ro's Eloston, and some others. Now for the last group, Schatzmar Lorien Johnson is still in there and from the last group We Love DuChin''s Nathan, and others.

There are still 13 in the ring, and a lot more noise. He puts up front Elston, then Premium Blend, It is verfy noisy now, Only In America and Nathan, Wallstreet, next Garth Brooks, and John moves them together, and says, "Slow them down". And off they go, with the entire class of 13 in that order. John has his hand to his mouth and looking them over very carefully,a nd then they are back to the front. He iws still looking and they strop. John walks backwards and goes to the front and calls out the first dog, and has him stqand loose, and checks temperament again. John says to the crowd, quiet down. He doesn't want to excite thedogs. Morris is in front and now Leslie, Terry Hower, then Diane Brown, and Jhn doesn't check the rest of them. He wants them to slow down, and takes the first four around. Piano Man is BOD and I see some disapointment on Bart's face. They are going around and the four are by themselves and they stop. John is looing at the rest of them, and wants to see the next four. They take off,a nd still lookd strong. John stops them and keeps Piano Man, and asks the rest to leave the room, their day is over.

Now he takes the rest, five in total, and John is watching them, some applause and lots of double handling, and out they go. Six left. Josh is in sixth with Julie Foster. John pulls out Auston in front then Only in America, then Nathan, and Wallstreet,a nd there they go. Lots of noise, a lot of tension, he is lookint and moved Joshua to forth, and THAT'S THE WAY IT IS!

The winner of American Bred Dogs is Elston, Only In America, Nathan and Josh. Everyone is headed out, so see everyone tomorrow. I am exhausted, but glad I could be there for the List.





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