Dates:  October 13 -19 (Wednesday - Saturday)  
Tuesday Night Futurity/Maturity 



  • Intersex  Mr. Ed Barrit
  • Dogs      Mr. John F. DeHope
  • Bitches   Mr. Michael Chaloux


  • Ms. Dalene McIntire Utility A, Utility B, Open A
  • Mr. Steven Picclinolo Novice A, Open B
  • Ms. Gail Brown Novice B

Agility and Herding and Tracking:

Agility:  Joan Meyer      


  • Ms. Cappy Pruett
  • Mr. Gerard Baudet
  • Ms. Marie-Paule Gherardi


  • Billie French
  • Ralph A. Sneve


 For a Full Catalogue and Details, Use the OFFICIAL GSDC of America Site

Site: The America's Exposition Park, St. Louis, Missouri
Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Wentzville
900 Corporate Way,
Wentzville, MO 63385

Show Chairperson: Debbie Hokkanen

6-9 Months
1.BREAL'S EASY DOES IT, DN003832/02, 04/02/02. Breeder, Owner Hiram Isalgue. By Ch. Marquin's Xtra! Xtra! Ch. Breal's Killian Acre Brandy. Owner, Manuel A. Campo
2.SABLEROCK'S HERSHEY KISS, DN003503/01, 03/25/02. Breeder, Owner and Tammy Krestler. By Starfire's Once Ina Blue Moon Ketlyn's Bo Diddley. Owner, Callie Smuder
3.ROWNHILL-KYSARAH'S KYM SIOUX, DL906915/03, 03/26/02. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Sirius Parks Worth The Trip Ch. Brown Hill's Hearth Stone. Owner, Emily A. St.Hilaire and Frank DeBem
4.STONEHEDGES JAZZI SIRIUS PARK, DN011586/08, 04/13/02. Breeder, James Girtatos and Patricia McBride. By Ch. Sirius Park's Worth The Trip Ch. Stonehedges Victoria. Owner, Lee Parkhurst and James Girtatos
9-12 Months
1.KALEEF ST. LUCIA V KENLYN, DL903568/01, 11/10/01. Breeder, James and Sheree Moses and Ardin Walker. By Ch. Gohvi Ruklakar's Manny Ch. Jon-Nan's Starlight Serenade. Owner, Sheree Moses and Bob Braue
2.ELITE DESIGNS CHELSEY V TYRAN, LY788546 CANADA, 12/12/01. Breeder, Debbie Atkinson. By Trafalgar's Nightraider Kismet Ch. New Era's Goo Goo Doll. Owner, Juvy Cordeiro
3.KRIDLER'S KOTA AMERICAN GIRL, DN001447/04, 12/11/01. Breeder, Tari Kridler.By Ch. Jo-Win's Concho D'Can Kridler's This Kiss. Owner, William Burgraph and Sarah Gunlicks and Tara Kridler
4.LEALYNN MAR-CIA'S MOONDANCE, DL898271/01, 12/28/01. Breeder, Owner and Mary Garcia. By Ch. Caraland Survival Magellan Encore's O'Shea. Owner, Liz Leschhorn

12-18 Months

WINNERS BITCH TRAFALGAR'S PACIFIC CHAI, DL878097/01, 04/22/01. Breeder, Owner. By Ch.Weicho's Flashdance Ch. Trafalgar's Nightheat Kismet. Owner, Michael R.Cheeks
2.MARNEET-SKYLINE'S KEY WEST, DL885785/06, 07/10/01. Breeder, A. and M Hernandez. By Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny Marneet's Tequila Sunrise. Owner, Anita and Martin Hernandez and Jim and Lynn Herrick
3.STONEWOLF'S ESMERELDA, DL883357/03, 06/07/01. Breeder, Owner Lori Hathaway. By Ch.Sirius Park's Worth The Trip Ch. Stonewall's Incandescence. Owner, Abbey Hathaway
4.UTOPIA'S MISS INDEPENDENCE, DL880955/02, 07/01/01. Breeder, K. Aubrey. By Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision Ch. Utopia's Paperback Romance. Owner, Dorothy Linn and Kathy Aubrey

6-9 Months
1.DENRIDGE'S LORD OF THE RINGS, DN001356/03, 01/29/02. Breeder, Onwers. By Ch. Riverdell's Black Ice Amber's Sassy Lassie. Owner, Denise Brock and Tony Eldridge
2.ARQUIN'S GOLDEN GAIT V VECTOR, DN005657/02, 03/29/02. Breeder, G. Hourigan. By Ch. Marquin's Xtra! Xtra! Ch. Debonair Pillow Talk Eventide. Owner, Mark and Barbara Hefner and Kevin Reynolds
3.STONEHEDGE JACK OF ALL TRADES, DN011586/07, 04/13/02. Breeder, P. McBride and J.Girtatos. By Ch. Sirius Park's Worth The Trip Ch. Stonehedge Victoria. Owner,David Stevens and James Girtatos
4.STONEHEDGE'S JOCK, DN011586/05, 04/13/02. Breeder, P. McBride and J. Girtatos. By Ch. Sirius Park's Worth The Trip Ch. Stonehedge Victoria. Owner, James Girtatos
9-12 Months
1..and RESERVE WINNERS DOG AND BEST PUPPY UTOPIA'S TANQUERAY OF NORDLICHT, DL898963/04, 11/02/01. Breeder, Donna Sater. By Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black Reflection of Nordlicht. Owner, Joan Borrelli and Donna Sater
2.KRIDLER'S BORN IN THE USA, DN001477/05, 11/12/01. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Jo-Win's Concho D'Can-Kridler This Kiss. Owner, Tari K. Kridler
3.KALEEF MALIBU V ZAHNAZT, DL903568/04, 11/10/01. Breeder, James and Sheree Moses and Ardin Walker. By Ch. Gohvi Ruklakar's Manny Ch. Jon-Nan's Starlight Serenade. Owner, Donald Peltier
4.WINSOME'S COLOR BY NUMBER, DL905308/03, 12/22/01. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Mar Havens Color Guard P.T. Winsome's Helle Beary. Owner, Frank and Kristine Fasano

12-18 Months

1.BIL-MAR'S HERE COMES TROUBLE, DL901294/02, 08/29/01. Breeder, Mary-Ellen Loizides and Steve Roda. By Ch. Eagle Valley's Pfizer Stonehedges Jessica V Ken-Delaine. Owner, Stephen and Patricia Roda and Mary-Ellen Loizides
2.UTOPIA'S LET FREEDOM RING, DL880955/01, 07/04/01. Breeder, Kathy Aubrey. By Ch. Survivals Tuff Decision Ch. Utopia's Paperback Romance. Owner, Gary and Patty Szymczak and Kathy Aubrey
3.CASTLEHILL'S TUFF ACT TO FOLLOW, DL903940/01, 10/08/01. Breeder, Owners Gail Hardcastle and Mary Stoll and Karen Taylor. By Survival's Tuff Decision Ch. Castlehill's 'Cuz I Want to.
4.TRAFALGAR'S SPECIAL BLEND, DL878097/03, 04/22/01. Breeder, Michael Cheeks. By Weicho's Flash Dance Trafalgar's Nightheat. Owner, Michael R. Cheeks and Lee Smith

LESLIE IS JUST FINE, and just stopped by to say so. It is good to see nothing serious happened, and she is back in the ring.

I am announcing today, so typing will be limited. The 6-9 puppy bitches are in the ring, and it is a big class. In Tracking, 5 out of the 6 teams
passed, that is a great thing.

Linda Bragg Workman sang the anthems, and did a great job. Michel is loking over the entire class as they get those little ladies to stand. The class is 22 deep. All the handlers are in there, and not that many people here yet. Sort of quiet. Michel says, "nice and easy" makes a circle gesture in the air, and off they go. Some very nice puppies.

I am a bit amused. My lap-top broke last night, the phone connection springs broke, and I thought I would have to call everyone on the List to tell you what went on. But, I had some duct tape, and taped the computer back together, and it is working.

They are taking them twice around, and there is not enough room in the ring it is not that big, and they have to wait. Now he has the first two going around. Evidently he is doing them all two at a time. Interesting. Michel looks great in there, and is relaxed and doing a great job.

Ken just told us he has his first three photos done, so he is still smiling.

Michel is very stict with what he wants, and is directing the handlers, and they seem to be doing what he asks. But, he knows what he wants and how he wants it. Still doing two at a time.

Lanalee is here now, and watching from the announcer's stand. Michel is looking over his second group, and I won't post about what is going on,
when he gets to cutting. The day is too long, with three hours sleep last night to do anything else.

Michel is still working on the class, and taking them individualy and doesn't seem to be doing any groups. He is on the eighth one now.

Olivia is going around with a puppy, and she sure does a good job. She is showing Stonehedges Jazzi Sirous Park. And, the show goes on. It is very quiet, aedn Helen Lianopolis is here. I just talked to Dave Rinke, and he and Rita are standing next to us. Now there is a contrast.

Michel gives long directions to each handler. I just talked to John DeHope, and he looks strong. He is waiting for his class to start, but I think we have a long time to go. Michel has done about a third of the class. OK, I have it figured out, he is working in groups of six. He seems to be on his fourth group.

Just Right went Best In Maturity. Bob and Darlene are still smiling. As The Beat Goes On was Best Opposite.

Bob Eaton stoped by, and Karen Wagner is sitting with us now.

He is on his last group. Just howdied to Joe Bahari, said hello to Charley Chester. Bob Freeny just stopped by, and Martha Rinke said howdy to
everyone. Leslie is working the crowd, and doing a good job.

With the last group in there, it is going to get more interesting. Jack Newton stopped to say hello, and we are all waiting for the first cut.Barb
Lopez just came by.

I see Ricky Harrison talking to Joan Fox, and Sharon Allbright is talking to Bob Grady. They called (I did) 6-9 puppy dogs. It is 9:00 a.m. and John is ready to go. There goes Tiffany to the ring, and there is going to be some conflict, as the handlers are still in the bitch ring.

Joyce Newsom is here, and looking good as usual. Don is standing next to me, and looking very serious. Sharon Allbright reminded me that Dotti is home, and feeling better. We all miss her here, and the pace this morning is so much easier. It was suggested that if we have the Futurity go to 11:00, we should just do the classes during the night, and see who is left standing.

Joan Fox is sitting with me now, and crying. I will let her tell you why, it is a good thing.

Ed Barritt is now here, so all is well in the world.

He pulled Liberland Summer Breeze, Brownhill's Kysarah's Kym Sioux. He is looking at the rest, they are going around, with heart's pumping and He pulls out Breal's Easy Does It and Olivia with Stonehindge's Jazzy Sirius Park. Now, on to the second group, He pulls out Sable Rock's Hersey Kiss and Upton's Smooth as silk. Now the next group. This is the last group, and so far he has kept only six. they go around and he is watching them. From that group he keeps Stonecroft's Moving Violation, Janry's Ayla Aura of Ivana.

He is keeping eight, looking at the first four. They go around and now are stacked. Michel sets them back,a nd looks at the other four. They are still in order, and he takes them around. A bit more noise now.

The dogs are in the ring. Now Michel is looking at them all stacked, He pulls Easy Does it, Huhsey Kiss, Kyn Siouxf and leaves the rest in back. One at a time. Each has their crowd support, and so far he isn't moving any differently. Fourth so far is Olivia with Jazzy, what a cute puppy. Fifth is Moving Violation, and sixth is Aura. Next is seventh (Aura moves up to Fifth, BOD), and now Silk. She goes up to fifth. the last one is Breeze, and he is looking and leaves her on the end. In front is still Easy Does it,a nd they go around and around, then Kiss, and that's the way it is.

First is Easy Does It, then second Hersey Kiss, Kym Souix, fourth was Jazzy.

Now, on the the dogs. They started around, and he stopeed them, looks a bit stern, and probaly wants them slower and easy and that is what they are doing. the ring is too big to go fast, and John has six out. They look like Puppies, and act like it.

Peter Cacioppo said they can hear OK, so I guess I am working. Ed is standing in front of us talking to Bud Drew and Dean Wylie, now there is a combination you wouldn't want to Norma Hansburg walked up to the group, and Danny Dwier stopped in. What a group.

John is doing the idividuals and seems to have good control. Grace Papas is here, and joined the Ed group. I am trying not to let him see me. Sondra Ritter came by. I saw her bitch Ruby, and Dealer daughter yesterday. She is being shown in Veterens, and looks great.

It is a bit slow right now. Tiffany is in the middle with On Tap. John finished the individuals on the first group, and now is working the second
group. Doing the individuals and working the crowd. It is quiet again, and Michel is sitting down watching. Ed Barrit just played a recording to me, it called me an asshole. How does it know?

Dania just came by, and wanted to read the script I wrote so I will try to remember. If you read this, remind me to send it to her. Tammy Howard just walked by with two girls, Madusa and Bumblebee. I like that bitch and so does her double Grand dad Ben.

John has the last dog in the second group out there, and he has three groups. He says, "take them arojund and stop at the end." John now has his last group out there. He is talking to Bob Grady, and they seem to be rearranging the ring. John wants everyone back, and now is starting to judge again. Bill Tank and Jerry Guzman just passed in front of us like two ships passing in the night. (Can you tell I am getting bored?)

I hear Tom Castiotta, but can't see him. Bob Funk came by, and said Howdy. Lamar Fredricks is here now talking to Cappy, and it is slow right now.

It will start to heat up soon, it is on the last group. I decided not to post the winners other than by name, they are on the List page, and Bill
Pfieffer has a phone line here to post sooner. I may ask to use it, but he is the official poster for the club, and I don't want to step on toes. I decided not to try to post like this for specials, it is too much work. But with Tony feeding me information, I am doing it today. I will decide about the Specials on Saturday.

Hon is on the last individuals, so I am getting ready to post the picks. Tony is warming up his voice and I am massaging my fingers. This is a lot of work. And, here we go.

John is looking at his notes, approaching the dogs, checking with the stewart, Karen and John are talking, he is taking some water, and now he
stands back and looks at his first group. He tells them to take one time around and stop at the end. The first six, and around they go, and stop
at the end of the line. Now the next six. No changes. They all came out there, and John told them to go back. Jimmie is going by, and looks ready to show again. They take a trip and stop, and now the last three.

He pulled out Carousel Farms Samson Hadderway, Brownhill's Kysarah's Rhoude Trip, Rosewoods Maestro. Then from the second group he kept Bocajag's Valentino, Hickory Hill's GQ Sirius Park, and Denridge's Lord of The Rings, and Stonehedge Jack of All Trades. Now the next group and he wants to see them a second trip around. He kept Marquin's Goden Gait V Vector, Stonehedge's Jock, and Adelgard's Yancy D Von Marquin.

Now he places in front Samson, second Rhoadtrip, Maestro, and Sirius Park, (actually still in catalog order) He brings Jock to fourth. He is
looking at the rest, and counting. It is Lord of the Rings, Golden Gate, Jack of all Trades, and Jock, with Samson fifty. and around they go.

He kept five and excused the rest. they go around that way, and in front is Lord Of The Rings with Patti, and that's the way they are. Lord of the Rings, Golden Gate, Jack of All Trades, and Jock.

Now, back to the bitches.

No connection, but Nancy Hubbel just came by.

I took a break to eat, and seemed to have missed nothing. He is working on the bitches, and seems to be getting there.

We just called the 9-12 puppy dogs, so we have both in the ring at the same time. Dick Whalan came by to say hello. Tony and I are getting to know each other, and so far, Bob is taking some time away from the announcer's table. I am thinking about tomorrow, and not too sure I want to go into the ring. It is way too big for a man of my age and talent. Maybe I should talk to Jimmie and find out how he keeps going as he does.

The quality is very high, and if anyone thinks the breed is not great, they should come to a show like this one, our breed is doing just fine, thank
you. Norma Hansburg keeps talking to me, and she suggests if we are going to go this long the first day, we should set up cots and go through the night, with a midnight suppper, a brief break, and then on with the show. Not a bad idea. The three hours to sleep last night isn't enough, expecially the first night.

Michel has another group in there, and walking down. He is checking notes, and tells them to take themselves around. Lots of bells and horns, and frantic calling. He sent them all over to the side, after checking his notes. He has a new group out there, and is taking them around.

The puppies seem to have lost interest, lots of uncontrolled pups, and Michel is taking them out to look at individuals, so I guess I have lost
track, and he is still going over the individuals.

Terri Kridler is in the ring, looking paniced. She has a dog, and is waiting for her handler. It is interesting to see the owners in there, and the
look of abject fear, that they might have to go around. I am feeling the same right now. If I do show tomorrow, I may have to have a lot of adreneline going to make it around.

Don Knight is standing next to me with a dog, and it looks like a good one. Jen Root just stoped by, and I see Jane Kerner siting ring side, watching. Yolando just stopped to say she is sick of double handling. The dogs are in the ring, and John is getting ready to start. Michel is going over his last group, and so will start cutting soon. Debbie Kaser is watching intently I just talked to Karen Taylor, she is still grinning ear to ear over Elmo.

John is taking them around with some non handlers, that is interesting. I guess he didn't want to wait, and there they go.

Michel is working on the last group, he hasn't made any cuts, except in his mind, and so we are just watching him work the ring. John is taking his second group around, and he is working them in groups of six. Any minute now, Michel will start his cuts, and some handlers will be released. I think they would rather stay in, but what do I know?

For information, John Knight and Bob Dresher have beards this year. Very macho.

John is doing his individuals, and the look on some faces is great. There is a Ben son in the 9-12 puppy dogs, I will look forward to seeing him. I am anxious to see Michal start to chose, and it seems like it might happen any minute now.

Tim Trapp is talking to me, and then we have to start posting the cuts. We have both rings going on now. John is watching his 9-12 dogs. Bob just showed up.

The Ben son is in the ring, and he is a sable, and he looks good now. We will see if he can move.

We are ready in bitches. He takes his group around and now he picks Carob's Tindrock's Legend and Lealynn Mar-Cia's Moon Dance. In the second group He picked Carob's Tindrock's Legacy, and that is all. From the next group he keeps Mar-Cia Leland's Gypsy Moon, Hadori's When It's Love. Now his hext group, and he selects from that group, Elit's Design's Chelsey V Tyran, and Kaleef Saint Lucia V KenLyn. The last group, now stopping and he picks only Kridler's Kota American Girl. He has left eight good looking puppies.

He is looking them over, and walking to the front of the line, going down the line looking at each one as he goes. Now back to the front, and
divides them up, taking first two.

John meanwhile is doing individuals, and making notes.

Michel takes then around then sets aside the first four, and now is looking at the second four, still all in order. Here we go for the final

He wants to see Chelsea down and back again, and there she goes. He has Scott take her around by himself, and he was in sixth place so I suspect he likes her. I know I do. Now he wants St. Lucia down and back as well. The crowd likes this one. and has Kent take her around. She tries tolook at the dogs, and he moves St.Lucia up front, the Chelsea, and then American Girl. In forth place is Moon Dance, and that's the way they are. He does a great job, and the end was very exciting, with lots of yelling.

That's all, so now over to the dogs, and John, who is looking strong. He is working his groups, John is on his last dog, so now we get down to the
good stuff. Jimmie is in for the last individual. Then on to the good stuff.

He is looking at his first group, and goes to the end, tell two to stand back and looks at the remaining five. He lets the last one back, and takes
five around. He is watching, and keeps Utopia's Tanquery of Nordlich and Gitana's Appolo of Covy-Tucker Hill and Snowy River's Adirondack Joe V Jolis. Now on to the wsecond group of five. From there he holds back He wants them around again, and the Ben son is in there, and looking good. A big sable. The take a trip to the big circle, and stop in front of John, H picks, Elite Design Coushatta Trillila and Snowy River's Josheph's Dream Coat. From this group he kept Winsome's Color By Number and is on his next group. From there he picks Krindler's Born in the USA. Now he has his last three.

Kim Steel is laughing at me, for fixing my computer with duct tape. Out of the last group he kept Jimmie with Kaleef Malibu V Zahnazt. From the
keepers he has the first four out there. He sets those aside, and takes his other group. Now he has his last four, and looking them. He dropped half from the second group. This is the last ones, so we shall be cut down from there. He has seven and leaves the last three in there. Now he has a total of eleven. He pulls Tanqueray, then Color By Number, Born in The USA, then Elijah, then United We Stand and last Kaleef's Malibu. There they go, lots of yells and cheers, going one at a time. John is watching closely, and Kim is sitting with us for a minute to warm up. Now they have all gone around, John is studying and moved Malibu up to four, now to third. Lots of double handling, John is loking at feet and checking temperament. There they go, Tanquery, Born in USA, Malibu and then Color By Numbers and Elijah, then Uniteed We stand. John says, take them around that way, That's the way they way they go, so mark them in.

Michel is in the ring doing the individuals. Dania is sitting next to me on one side, Bob on the other, and they keep telling me what to do. They
they are Debbie, and she is off somewhere right now.

Michel says, take the five around, and there they go, Patti in front Jerry, then Alex and Art Sinclair and they stack, he looks them over, makes some notes, and sets them over with the rest of the dogs. Michel has his last goup out there, John, Kent, Bart, Linda, Georgie and one more. Now he takes them in for individuals. The crowd is doing lunch, so no one is doing anything. I have never seen so many people talking on cell phones. Donna Calabrese is talking to Bob and me. We seem to have hit a lull in the show, and I just heard we had tobe out of hter by 4:30. Lorry Bellah stopped by to announce a birthday. I will announce it, and that may be the end of my announcing at the national. Kathy Aubrey just walked by, and was trying to ignore us. More judging, and more of the same. Michel has a great system, but so many bitches, and so little time.

Talked to Nancy and Erin Nellis, and had a chance to find out what has gone on for the last year.

Now, on to his last group. Another six, and going around for the first time. Michel is looking them over from the side, then walks to the front, and down the line. He takes a slow walk, looks carefully, and tells them to take a trip around. Kathy Aubrey sat with us for a while, and though we had a good view. Michel is doing his individuals, and I wonder how one remembers all that.

He keeps working his classes and looking at them, making notes, and looking them over. Sherri Moses just went by, and is looking great. Now Michel has what must be his last group. He is stacking them, looking them over, and now walks to the front. He seems to be looking at heads and doesn't show anything on his face. He tells them to go around, stay to the outside, and take it easy. He pullsw out Windy Acre's PartyGirl, and checks her, and I think it is just the individual.

I just got to talk to Joyce Eberts.

Michel is still working the groups. Ed Barritt keeps talking to me, I think he must be lonely. He is checking out the dogs, and probably trying to
decide what to do on Saturday. Peggy Douglas is here, and her grandson Ross, who is going to be one of our top handlers, if he isn't already. Also Amy Riley is just off the side and she is another of the big future handlers.

Did you ever think that french fries are just a delivery system for salt?

Michel is making notes, sends them over and now calls our his first group. He is looking at his notes, and takes them around. they all want to make the cut, but not everyone will. He keeps Trafalger's Pacific Chai, Castlehill's Tuff Cookie, and Utopia's Miss Independance. Now he has his seconed group, and takes them around. He pulls Marneet's Skeline's Key West, Janal's Arabesque V Tindrock and Marquis Charismatic Windwood, and there are now six, with the rest going home for the week. Now his next to last class. They go around, checks his notes and pulls Rivendall's Magnolia, Stonwolf's Esmeralda, and on to his last group.

He takes them around, and this is the last of that class. From that group, he doesn't take any, and they all head out of the ring. Lined up now are eight great looking bitches. I see Jack, Georgie, Patti, Art, Jerry, Kent and a couple of others. He sets back four and and takes the first four around. Michel is looking them over closely, and lots of cheers. In the ring next to us the dogs are going in.

Michal sets them aside and takes his next group. He is looking them all over and pulls out Pacific Chai, then Key West, then Esmeralda, then ( he is not certain fo forth), but it is Tough Cookie, then Miss Independance, Charismatic, and off they go. He is looking, looking and stops them.
Michel is walking to the first bitch AND TAKES HER DOWN AND BACK. He takes her around. ( They are still coming into the dog ring).

Patti has Pacific Chai. Now Kent goes downa and back with Key West, and around. Bob and Maryellen Kish walked by, and look great together. Now Michel approaches Esmeralda, and takes her down and back and around. Bill Hope just stopped by, and now on to Jerry with Tuff Cookie, and around. Next up is Art with Miss Independance. Down and back, and around. He moves Miss Independance up one place. That's the way he has them, and is taking them around. there they go, hearts pounding and that is the way it is.

Pacific Chai, Key West, Esmeralda and Miss Independance.

Bob Dresher told me he just put up Pacific Chai for a major, so he was pleased. We now turn to the South, and the 12-18 dogs.

John is doing his thing. Diane Brown just came by and waved. Gail Sprock is talking to us now.

John looks strong, and has the first group going around. He is doing individuals now, and so it is a bit quieter. Scootie is talking to us, and
now going back to her camera.

John is working his class, and set them up, and then has them stand for a while, and now around, one at a time as he does the individuals. Having
the show go to 11:00 last night makes for a long day today. There is a Schutzhund demonstartion today, I am not sure we will stay. Gloria Birch just dcame by and Dawnmarie is leaving She is taking candid shots, and has them on her computer as she does it. She also has a printer here, and doing pictures as they are taken. John is talking to Tiffany now,a nd telling her to take it slow, and around easy and on a loose lead. We can hear him, and there she goes. The crowd is quiet now, I think they are looking for dinner. John brings in the next group.

Bill Tank is talking to Ben Bigornia next to us, while John keeps on doing his thing. He has a new group of dogs out there, Five, with Jerry Guzman in front, then Jack Bart , Kent, and one other I don't know. Alicia and Liz Leschhorn are standing next to us, and Jenn Root just came by for a minute. Jerry is in there with another Bungy Guido pup, and what a loss to the breed that tragedy was.

Just more working of dogs, individuals temperment tests and checking tails. John is still going strong at 2:30, but I am exhausted. Mellisa Campbell came by, and of course I love her puppies. There goes Delaine Thompson, and the dogs keep on going around.

Bart is in there with a nice looking sable, another bungy puppy, and John wants him around another time. It looks like Kent may be in there with the last individual. There he goes.

John has set aside some dogs, but Tony and I were having too much fun and forgot to get them. Now he is looking at the first group, to make his
cuts. Tony is telling me what is going on. I just said hello to Paul Johnson, and he looks just great.

From the first group John is checking his notes. Mike Sherman just came by. Now around goes the first group, stops and John is looking them over. He pulls Bullish On American of Edan, Quotro's First Edition, and Marquin's Auston Healey. Now on to his second group. John looks them over, and is thining, he points to Bold Seiger's Forest Moon, Salenchars River Runner and sets them aside. Now on to the last group. Off they go, with Guzman in the lead. John is watching, he pulls Castlehill's Tuff Act to Follow, Billmar's Here Comes Trouble, and Utopia's Let Freedom Rings. They are all stacked, and John places them, Here Comes Trouble, Yankee, (Let Freedom Ring), Tuff Act, then Trafelgar's Special Blend, He keeps the six and takes them around. Bullish on America is there and so is Auston. They are out there, John moves Yankee to the front, and tells them to take another pass. The handlers are stalling, and psoing the dogs, John is looking, looking and says, take them around. Down to five dogs now, with Yankee, Trouble, Tuff Act, Special Blend and Auston. John is stilllooking still looking and stops them. He moves Trouble to the front again. John is looking at them standing and sends them around. and THAT'S THE WAY IT IS.

Trouble, Yankee, Tuff Act, and Special Blend.




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