Interview With Carol Moore


The following is an attempt to improve communication between the judges of our breed, and the people who show under them.  

1.) Are you an active breeder of German Shepherd Dogs? Do you have a kennel name ?  

Yes -  Scharo 

2.) How long have you been in the breed? When and how did you get started? Are you affiliated with any clubs?  

We bought our first shepherd in Germany 40 years ago. When we settled at Ft. Hood, Texas, 5 years later, we joined the local all breed kennel club and got first into Obedience, then into showing and finally breeding.

3.) How long have you been judging the breed?  

About 12 years

4.) How many times a year do you judge German Shepherds?  

1-2 times a year

5.) Over the last 2 years has the number of shows?  

We seem to have more all breed shows; less specialties shows; and the entries are down at all of them

6.) Have you ever judged the National Specialty? If yes, when and what classes ?  

No, not yet.

7.) Do you judge at both all-breeds and specialties, which do you prefer ?   

Specialties. All Breeds are good too, as a breeder judge, breeders will bring you the good ones at an all breed and the bad ones stay away. 

a) Do you judge at both all-breeds and specialties? Yes 

b) Would you judge at both all breeds and specialties? Yes 

c) If you indicated a preference for Specialty assignments, would you consider doing German Shepherd Dogs at an all-breed if you were given a large ring, the entry was supported by a specialty club and the show was on the same weekend as a nearby specialty or specialty circuit?  

It is important for breeder judges to bring their specific knowledge to all breed shows

8.) Do you have a color preference?  

No preference. Color makes no difference to me. 

a) Would the color of a dog influence your judgment? If yes, how and why?  

Definitely not.

b) Do you find it harder to judge solid blacks ? If yes, why?  


9.) What importance do you place on condition of plush versus smooth coat? Please explain.  

A plush coat can make a dog look more pleasing aesthetically . A smoother coat allows you to see structure better. Both are acceptable.

10.) When judging the dog do you also judge the handler? Please elaborate if possible.  


A good handler is really not noticed.  That is a sign of their skill. But they must never kick or deliberately mess up or allow there dog to attack another entry in the ring.  I would definitely penalize a handler for such tactics.  If they mess up their own dog by requiring over doubling or not giving me a loose lead, that is their problem.  I'm not there to tell them how to do their job.

11.) What importance do you place on missing teeth?  

Pre-molars are less important than a fault of gait. Missing molars need to be faulted

12.) How do you see bites today?  


13.) How do you see strength of ears?  

Better than in the past, but there is still room for improvement

14.) Do you feel the GSD's temperament has improved over the past 5 years?  

Yes, less visible shyness in the ring

15.) Do you consider temperament today to be? Please explain.  

Very Good.

16.) Do you prefer a dog to be shown on a loose lead?  

At some point I MUST see the dog go loose

17.) How would you rate the following in sequence of importance? (On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest).  

Coming & Going: 8
Side Gait: 9  (this is a result of structure)
Temperament: 10 
Teeth: 5
Coat: 4
Pasterns, hocks, feet: 7
Pigment: 3
Structure: 9 
Shoulder & Reach: 9  (this is a result of structure)
Attitude: 6

18.) Could you briefly describe your ring procedure, and any changes you may incorporate between a small vs. a large class:  

    A. Look at all the dogs stacked
    B. Have them going around several times as a group
    C. Do Temperament Test
    D. Do individuals, re-arranging some at the time
    E. Gail each dog around individually again
    F. Re-arrange
    G. Place
    Very large classes may require dividing into groups, arranging each group, and then melling the groups together before the final gaiting.

19.) Do you think there should be an age limit in placing points on a dog (i.e. dogs and bitches under 12 months of age)?  

No, because you are picking the best dog from what is there that day. A puppy COULD be better than any dog shown.

20.) If a dog is not exactly to the standard in size, would you prefer slightly larger or smaller?  

The deviation from the standard must be penalized by
its extent of deviation. A dog might be slightly shorter, but still be of large bone and masculine head. On the other hand, a dog of the same height would be penalized more because he is of fine bone, or has a bitchy head.
Taller dogs should probably be penalized more because the GSD is considered to be medium sized, and be agile. If we start letting dogs get too big, with the
American belief that BIG is BETTER. we could too easily become a GIANTbreed.
That is not what our standard calls for.

21.) Do you think on average German Shepherd Dogs are too extreme?  


22.) In your opinion should double handling be allowed?  

Yes , Never on the temperament test or the coming and going.

23.) Should all select dogs, in your opinion, be OFA (H&E)?  


24.) When making the final selection, does the dog with the most front reach usually win the class?  

I will have put what I consider to be the best up front. Perhaps that is on type or gait. Then usually the final decision is on sidegait. NOT JUST ON FRONT REACH. A dog reaching in front may drag a toe. That dog does not deserve to win.

25.) Do you feel more emphasis should be put on the total package, and less on movement?  

CORRECT movement is part of the total package. The gait of the German Shepherd is part of its type. That said, yes, the total package should be considered more. I learned this from Lamar, years ago. You must first have Temperment, then Type, Then Movement.

26.) Do you think the German Shepherd Dog standard should be changed?  

No - not at this time

27.) Do you think there should be any changes in any of the existing rules concerning dog shows? If so, please elaborate  

No, I am comfortably with the rules as they exist.

28.) Is there a dog, whether alive now or not, who to you typifies most closely the "ideal" German Shepherd Dog ? If yes, please explain and give details  

There are so many who come so close. But I really don't want to name just one.

29.) Do you feel that in general the quality of the breed in this country is getting better or worse ? Please elaborate  

I think it is getting better. There are less extremes
of "styles" and dogs are closer to one type. Pigment has certainly improved, as has coming and going. Dogs seem to move more effortlessly with less scramble.

30.) Do you have a pet peeve about anything owners or handlers do concerning the showing of dogs ?  

Owners who have no idea of how their dog should be groomed and prepared for the ring. Handlers who socialize in the ring instead of paying attention and keeping their dog looking good at all times. 

31.) Do you have any suggestions for owners or handlers regarding anything they should ALWAYS do when showing under you ?  

Pay attention and follow my directions. Go loose when I ask for it. I can forgive a fault, all dogs have them. But I can get irritated if the handler won't ever let me see the dog for at least a little while, the way I want to see him.

32.) Do you have any suggestions for owners or handlers regarding anything they should NEVER do when showing under you ?  

Not control their dogs. Not be considerate of other exhibitors.

33.) Do you have any advice for people who are relatively new to showing and/or breeding?  

Watch what is happening in the ring instead of talking with friends Always try to learn

34.) Is there anything else you would like to say about judging or about the German Shepherd breed today ? If so, please feel free to say it here. 

    Being asked to judge is a high compliment. People bringing their good ones to show me is the highest compliment

35.) Have you ever judged one the of the greats? If so, can you give a rundown of this dog for the people who have not had the privilege to even see it.  

Not yet, but I know that great one is coming soon. 

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