Judge Carol Smith
  4 points Dogs     4 points Bitches

Thanks to Dean Wylie and the Delaware Valley Club for giving me the opportunity to judge this show.  It was only the second assignment I have had in this area, and unless you guys can promise me no rain, it may be the last.  Both times I’ve been East, I judged in the rain.  At least this time it was only a light rain and the ring never got really muddy and dangerous for the handlers.  Everyone kept telling me how beautiful the weather had been before I got there.  Yea, Right.  The hospitality was excellent even though I had very little time to socialize.  I was both pleased and flattered by the quality and size of the entry.  The entry was 5 points in both dogs and bitches, but dropped to 4 on both sides.  For such a large
entry, the quality was excellent.  I really didn’t see any “fillers”.
Most of the dogs had very good movement and were good coming and going.  I saw no problems with ears, bites or missing teeth.  The problem I found most often was looseness, dips or rolling in the back and topline, especially in motion.  There were also a number of males who lifted in front, though I did not see that nearly as much in bitches.   Only 2-3 were really bad going away.  There were several dogs who backed away on examination, but all recovered and were examined successfully.

1st Open Junior and Best Junior Handler – Nicole Hayes 
This young lady did an excellent job of handling a dog that was understandably a little unruly early in the morning on a rainy day.   It’s easy to show a dog that is perfectly trained and does all the work for the handler, but the real test of a handler is to manage a dog who is not so well-trained or cooperative.  In this case, Nicole presented the dog very well, got her under control and was well deserving of the win.

1st Open, WD, BOS – Nike Clayfield Andre Segovia
 By Ch. Rohan’s Glass Palace x Ch. Nike Clayfield First Love.  Bred by Sharlonna McGaha and Angie Stegner and owned by Susan Witmer and Roberta Kindy.
I am sure my face must have lit up when I saw this young sable male come into the ring.  He has the long striding, effortless side gait that gets me every time, sound back in motion, good coming and
going.  He just floated around the ring on a loose lead (when Leslie could keep up with him) and yet did not fall apart on a tight one.  I could have watched him all day.  He is a bit rangy and not in hard
condition presently but, with maturity and road work, he should be even more spectacular. 

1st  9-12 Puppy, RWD, Best Puppy -  Pinebuck’s Willey Maket  (Yea, I think he will.) 
By Trafalgar-Kismet First Knight x Tarahaus’ Brashn Sassyowaysi De.  Bred by Eugene Warrick, Jr, and Laura Milligan and owned by Eugene Warrick, Jr.
A very handsome medium sized black and tan male with excellent movement, excellent back, clean coming and going.  He was very much together for a puppy this age, in excellent condition and
performed very well.  At one day under a year of age, I think he’ll be in the winners circle very soon.

1st  6-9 Puppy – Joelle’s Alvin v. Norberg
 By Ch. Bredwel Jakester Of Joelle x Norberge’s Edie.  Bred by J. Corgon, T. Bartley, P. O’Dell and T. Knight and owned by J. Corbon, T. Bartley and R. Bartley.
Also a very promising puppy, this young sable was very easy moving with good extension and drive, a solid back and lots of personality.

1st American Bred, WB, BOW – Eagle Valley’s Sophie
 By Ch. Ken-Delaine’s Egoiste x Ken-Delaine’s Roxy Bjorn Stadt.  Breeder is Dennis Mulligan and owners are Anthony Correia and Dennis Mulligan.
A beautiful black and tan bitch whether she was posing or moving.  She has an excellent side gait with balanced reach and drive, is very clean, and has an iron back on a loose or a tight lead.  She was
beautifully conditioned and presented, and never took a wrong step.  I understand this was her first major after 4 major reserves.  I’d like to see the ones who beat her!

2nd American Bred, RWB – Jon-Nan’s Patty Loveless
By Ch. Kebre’s Remington Steele x Jon-Nan’s Amber Illusions.  Breeder/Owners are Nancy and John Walker.
Very nice black and tan bitch who was close to the winner in movement, but a little less mature and not quite as clean going away.  Should finish easily with additional conditioning.

Best of Breed – Ch. Debonair’s Scarlett Letter
By Kansten’s Jim Dandy x Amber’s Surprize of Olympus.  Bred by Rose Quigley and Barbara Amidon.  Owned by Charlene Marchand, Rita Sandell and Grace Pappas.
A beautiful dark bitch who brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw her.  She must really love the rain, because she sure has fun showing in it.  Correct in size, with an outstanding, flying side gait, an excellent back and topline, clean coming and going.  I really could find nothing to criticize about her except to hope that she doesn’t completely blow her coat before the National! 

Congratulations to all the winners.  I predict great futures for all of them.  This show was a real pleasure to judge, despite the rain.

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