Judge Lee Brown
  3 points Dogs     4 points Bitches

First I would like to thank the Flint Club for their great hospitality.  A small club that is very well organized and efficient.  Very nice showgrounds and great weather.  I was pleased with the entry and quality of animals.

6/9 Puppy Dog-- Best Puppy-- T-Ho's For Whom The Bells Toll (Ch.  Asgards Big Ben of Encore X T-Ho's Shotgunwedding V Barque)

Very nice black & tan puppy, good bite and ear set, nice masculine head, easy ground covering gait.  Very good temperament.  He has a slight hook to his tail that can be a little distracting at times, but overall a very good quality young puppy.  Should finish with not much problems.

9/12 Puppy Bitch--BOS Puppy--Mustwyn's A Bit A Glitter (CH.  Aztec's Kodak X T'Ho's Stealyorhart V Barque) Black & Tan medium size plush coated very feminine puppy.  She had a good bite, ear set, nice feminine head and very good temperament.  Easy moving ground covering gait.  She has a very angulated rear, that I feel will tighten up with age and maturity.  She should have a very exciting career.

12/18 Dog-- RWD-- Lin-Ter's Tiburon of Chablis (Ch.  Aztec's Kodak X CH.  Covy Tucker Hills Roma Amo) This is one very nice young dog.  He is black & tan , very masculine with a nice strong male head, good bite and excellent temperament.  When he decided to show, he moved with ease and covered alot of ground.  Young and not quite ring trained yet.  I found out later he had just turned 1 year the week before the show.  Keep your eyes out for this young
star as he will be going places.

Open Dog-- WD-- Kubistraum Dapper Dan (Ch.  Kinni-V Oz V Kul@istraum X Kubistraum Taffeta) A Stallion black & tan male says it all for his looks, good bite, ears and good male head.  He has good temperament.  This dog moved around the ring easily and effortless covering a good amount of ground.  I would I like to see just a bit more front extension but a dog of excellent quality.  He also won on Sunday and now needs 3 minor points to finish.  His
owner told me he got 12 points in 3 shows in 2 weekends.  Not bad at all.

2nd Amer Bred Bitch --RWB-- 3-D's Miss Kitty (Ch.  Topflights Laredo V Freehling X Ch.  Landmark Castlehill Divinity) A dark black & tan medium size plush coated bitch.  Very feminine and typey, good bite, head and very good temperament.  Nice balanced easy mover covering a good amount of ground.  She had so much coat you would think she was over weight until you put your hands on her.  Overall a very good quality bitch.

1St.  Amer Bred Bitch--WB,BOW,BOB-- Legato's Pennies From Heaven (Pilgrim's Plymouth Rock X Glendemere's Summer Sun CD TC) Solid black medium size, typey, feminine bitch.  She had a good bite, nice feminine head and excellent temperament.  She has an excellent front reach, good rear drive, moves with ease and travels very close to the ground covering a great amount of ground.
High energy and never slowed down.  She should be renamed "ENERGIZER BUNNY" as she just keeps going and............. The only reason I can see that this quality bitch is not finished is that she is solid black.  She was handled by a different handier in BOB competition but performed to perfection and was asking for the breed and I complied by giving her the breed award on this day.
I found out later she has both her majors.  This bitch will Finish It may just take a little longer due to her color.

The overall quality at this show was very good.  I was pleased that I only had a couple of questionable temperaments.  A few rears that were a bit to much for me.  It was very pleasing to see good, strong backs in all the classes.


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