Judge- Barbara W. Lopez
  4 points Dogs     4 points Bitches

It was an honor for me to judge this show which is part of the 3-day
Midwest Triangle.  My thanks go to the members of the Wisconsin Club for entrusting their entry to me and especially to Andy and Gene Tenges (my ring steward, chauffeurs and fun-hosts) and Paulette Gallatin, Super Show Secretary.   

 Before I begin the individual critiques, I would like to say that
overall the dogs shown under me were good to excellent specimens.  Many will finish their Championship titles.  I had full and correct dentition with not one missing tooth!  There were no ‘dead’ tails or tails that were carried incorrectly.  I had a few soft ears and a few dogs with poor feet.  Temperament was generally good and the few that displayed slight nervousness could be attributed to the fact that they were indoors and the acoustics were perhaps the cause. However, I had to evaluate them equally and fault those who showed such nervousness.Gaiting was overall very good and most dogs showed correct reach and  follow-through with close-to-the-ground movement.  Often the differences between first and fourth were minor.  Coming and going is always hard to evaluate indoors and some that were faulted may be different outdoors onbetter surfacing.  If I had been judging under the proposed revised Standard, my placings would not have been different.

6-9 Puppy Dogs
1st Aramist’s Nilz of Bodega.  By Covy Tucker Hill’s Fly’n Jib Bodega
and Ch. Bodega Sunami Covy Tucker Hill.  A dark black and rich tan with excellent bone, feet, head and expression with dark eyes, good ears, short hocks and excellent overall type.  An exuberant, outreaching, fluid mover that at times caused him to lift a little in the front andwriggle a little in the rear.  A really good one.

2nd Pilgrim’s Slam Dunk. By Ch. Hickory Hill’s Bull Durham and Pilgrim’s
Mountain Laurel.  A very nice black and tan puppy with good movement butwith (at this age) a slightly weak ear and not as good feet as the firstplace puppy.  

3rd Wyndean’s Hanover of Asgard. By Ch. Bredwell Jakester of Joelle and Asgards Coco Puff of Orion.  A nice, typey, substantial sable puppy that was a tad high to level in the rear at this age.  

4th Magros Toppers Easy Money. By Jadon’s Icubor and Roselind’s Claret.A nice sable puppy that showed a slight uneasiness.  He appeared to be very young and this may have been his first show.

9-12 Puppy Dogs - Best Puppy

1st Welove Du Chien’s Samuel.  By GV Ch Stoneway’s Uecker and Welove DuChien’s Heather.  A very large male with excellent reach and
follow-through. Solid back with excellent bone and substance.  Good
head, eyes and expression.  Could have a longer and more sloping croup.

2nd HickoryHills Wells Fargo. By Ch HickoryHill’s Bull Durham and
Pilgrims Thalia v Chablis.  A very nice young male who had a better
croup than the first place puppy, but who was slightly wide coming at
me.  Good back, bone, head and expression.  

3rd Linden Hill’s Hayabusa. By Rosewood’s Adonis of Anne Isle and Linden Hills Yakuza.  Beautiful type on this puppy.  Ears could be more firm.  

4th Sirius Park’s Worth The Trip. By Hickory Hill’s Bull Durham and Ch.
Sirius Park’s Ivy League.  Overall very nice puppy, lighter black and
tan.  Could have slightly darker eyes and a little longer croup. 

12-18 Month Dog

1st Tazzman’s Your The One. By Kenlyn’s Illuminator of Fran-Jo and
Chilmark Woodside CheatnHart.  Sable male of good type and bone; good back; dark eyes with good expression; good length of neck; good overall package.

2nd Rosewood’s Hercules. By Ch Rosewood’s Adonis of Anne Isle and
Rosewoods Misdemeanor.  Very dark male that had more extending frontreach than the 1st place male, but could perhaps have slightly more boneand a slightly longer croup.

3rd Andaka-Zederland Sinatra.  By Ch Langlitz’s Rapid Fire and Ch
Andaka’s Pharra of Zederland.  A beautiful type male with very pleasing hindquarter; short hocks; good bone.  Shows a slight weakness in the back.

4th Cloverleife’s Wheeler-Dealer.  By Ch Lin-Ter’s Tiburon of Chablis
and Cloverleife’s Lickety-Split.  A very balanced and correct dog. 
Could perhaps have slightly better bone and substance which may come
with maturity.

Novice Dog

1st Tazzman’s Your It Rolex.  By Ch Ken-Lyn’s Illuminator of Fran-Jo and Chilmark Woodside Cheatnhart.  A litter brother to the 1st place 12-18 Dog.  A sable male who was overall balanced and correct.  Showed slight uneasiness.

2nd De Ray’s Just One Look.  By Ch. Mar Haven’s Color Guard and Ch De
Ray’s Sunshine v Landmark.  A nice young male that could have a better
earset.  Was slightly uneasy.

3rd Eko-Lan’s Nicko v Merivern.  By Ch Rockannando Integra and Sunrez
I.Q. of Hyloch Merivern.  Very dark black and tan dog.  Showed excellent
character, somewhat short in croup and did not have the movement of the
first and second place dogs.  
Bred-By Dog

1st Cedaridge’s Harley v Three D.  By GV Ch Stoneway’s Uecker and Ch
Three-D’s Oakie of Cedaridge.  A very nice dog.  Large, handsome black
and tan.  Very good movement; good back; dark eye; good head and
expression; good ears; good feet.  Could perhaps have a slightly longer

American Bred Dog - Reserve Winner’s Dog

1st TR’s Cuervo Trudicional.  (sire and dam not given).  A sable male
very compact and tight.  A strong mover; good back; good ears and

2nd Scher-Lo’s T.J. Cruiser.  By Ch Scher-Lo’s Jr. Executive and
Tartan’s Motion To Suppress.  A very nice black and gold male with
perhaps slightly more rear than front. Ears could be more firm. 
Masculine head.

3rd Yarmork’s Kirk.  By Ch Yarmork’s Elvis and Yarmork’s Dyna.  A very
nice male who at times looked very good, then looked not so good.  Very
inconsistant.  Needs a little more training or needs to be outside in a
larger ring.

4th Pilgrim’s Auldlang Syne Todor.  By Ch Hickory Hills Bull Durham and
Todorhaus Raising Arizona.  Slightly elongated.  Nice dark eye; good
ears; good expression; good feet.  Could have slightly longer croup.

Open Dog Winners Dog

1st Falkora Joe Pye v Kubistraum.  By Ch Ponca Hills Jesse II and Ch
Kubistraums Ms Independence.  A black and lighter tan male.  An
exceptionally fluid, extending and easy  mover.  Clean coming and
going.  Good masculine head, ears and expression.  Not as hard and dry
as the Reserve Winner’s Dog, but a little more dog.  I understand this
win finished his Championship.

2nd Knaufhill’s Amondilato.  By Ch Kridler’s Cuno v Rowley and Kridlers
Zoe v d Moorheide.  This was almost the winner of this class until the
last few passes.  A very good mover.  Nice masculine male with good head
and expression.  Shorter in body than the first place male.  Beautiful
bone and substance.  Could have a longer croup.  

3rd Chilmark’s Jovan.  By Ch Omegas American Express and Can Ch
Charisma’s Chanel of Woodside.  Nice overall male.  Could have a
slightly better head with a somewhat darker eye.

4th Baker-Rysher’s Sunny Boy.  By Ryshers Mr. Sandman and
Rysher-Monogram Risque.  A very nice sidegaiting dog but with a somewhat
smaller head than his body proportions demand.  

6-9 Puppy Bitch - Best Opposite Sex Puppy

1st Knaufhill’s Crystal Ste-La-Re.  By Rising Stars Kyle Brady and
Knaufhills Ameretto.  A very lovely young bitch of beautiful type and
proportion.  Good bone; good feet; good croup; nice solid back.

2nd De Ray’s Cloud Nine v Wyndmar.  By Ch Schneiderhofs Highlander and Ch DeRays Sunshine v Landmark.  From the same dam as the 2nd place
Novice Dog - a good producer!  Nice feminine bitch that looked out of
coat.  This made her look slighter of bone.  Slightly more rear than

3rd Rosewood’s Jewel.  By Gorlins Jakarta and Rosewoods Madonna.  A
deep-bodied, dark puppy with dark eyes and good expression.

4th Ann Dees Bedazzled.  By Ch Langlitzs Rapid Fire and Ann Dees
Amarillo News.  A very mature looking bitch puppy.  Good overall mover. Good bone; good feet.

9-12 Month Bitch

1st Marhaven’s Dear Abbey of Asgaard.  A dark bitch of very nice type
and outreaching movement. Good head, dark eyes and good expression. 
Could have better feet.

2nd Windwood’s Annie.  By Ch Winsomes Goer v Saxony and Ch Windwoods Zircon.  Very nice puppy bitch that could have won the class had she been a little more consistant in gaiting.  Very outreaching movement.  I suspect she is better going away than she showed me, due to her pullingtoo hard.  Could have better feet.

3rd Trotwood’s Margarita Khali-BG.  By Ch Bredwel Jakester of Joelle and Bee Gees Khali.  A sable bitch of very nice type and proportion.  Good bone.  A sound, solid mover.

4th Schneiderhofs Neon Nites.  By Ch Schneiderhofs Black Sabbath andMonogram Rysher Olivia.  A very nice bitch with good bone and
substance.  Good head and expression.  Good feet.  Not as extending in
movement as the previous bitches, but nevertheless a very nice puppy.

12-18 Month Bitch - Reserve Winners Bitch

1st Winsome’s Murphie Bearown.  By Ch Stoneways Uecker and Winsome’s Tortellini v Cypress.  What a nice bitch!  I believe her dam is the sister to the 1999 U.S. Grand Victrix.  A black and light gold bitch. 
Very feminine; beautiful head and expression; very angulated
hindquarter; good solid back.  Shown in beautiful condition.

2nd Tazzmans Northern Star.  By Ch Kenlyns Illuminator of Fran-Jo and Chilmarks Woodside CheatNHeart.  Nice bitch.  Good mover.  Not as feminine in head as the 1st place bitch.  

3rd Hylocks I Got You Babe v Merivern.  By Ch Asgaards Big Ben of Encore and VeLaurs The Beat Goes On.  Very Feminine Bitch.  Sometimes showed a looseness in the loin.  

4th Tempest-Rising Star Aruba.  By Ch Rising Stars Tiger Woods and ChTempests Eternity By CK.  A very nice bi-color bitch. Good substance.  Good solid mover.  A good all-around type bitch.

Novice Bitch

1st WeLove Duchiens Rose.  By GV Ch Stoneways Uecker and WeLove DuChiens Heather.  Very pretty bitch; good mover; nice head, dark eye and good expression. Clean coming and going.

2nd Tazzmans Undeniable.  By Ch Tazzman Just Cause Madeb and Sanhedrins  Witch Hunt Coragio.  A very extending side-gaiting bitch; good pigment;good proportion but seemed a little out in one elbow coming at me.. 

3rd Galloways Mariah v Caralon QED.  By Ch Caralon QED Sword v Lebarlandand Springrocks Drucilla.  A slightly tall bitch at this stage.  One ear tips back slightly which mars her otherwise very pleasing head and expression.  At times she was a little over-exuberant and pulling too hard which ruined her movement.

4th Lebarlands Filet Mignon.  By JaDons Mike Tyson and Lebarlands
Hoot-N-Nanny.  This bitch was not in control enough for me to really see her gaiting.  Needs more training or perhaps needs to be shown outside.

Bred-By Bitch

1st Joelles Camilla v Norberge.  By Ch Bredwell Jakester of Joelle (dam not given). A very typey bitch of good movement and proportion. 
Slightly uneasy.

American Bred Bitch - Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite

1st Jadon’s Weekend Rendevous.  By Ch Shaquelle of Old Oak and PalamorsHaley.  A clear winner in a beautiful class of bitches.  A strong sable bitch that looked as if she could have gaited all day.  Clean coming and going.  Good feminine head; dark eye; good proportion; short hocks; correct length and angle of croup.  Very strong back...a real working animal.  I understand this finished her Championship.  An honor to have judged her.

2nd Aramists Poliester Colebrook.  By Breauhausens Titanic and
Colebrooks D’Esprit D’Excalier.  A very nice bitch overall with perhaps
not quite the front extension of the first place bitch.  

3rd Scher-Los Ramblin Rose.  By Ch Scher-Los Jr. Executive and TartansMotion to Suppress.  A litter sister to the 2nd place American Bred Dog.  A somewhat large bitch of very good movement.

4th Utopia’s Cliche.  By Rohans Glass Palace and Utopia Sig Alert.  Nice
bitch of good overall soundness and quality.

Open Bitches

1st Stonekrofts Spitfire.  By Ch Bravo von Bliebtreu and Stonekrofts
Obsession.  What is so nice about this bitch is that she is so overall
correct.  She is a black and light tan, very feminine bitch; squeaky
clean coming and going; beautiful head and expression; correct length
and angle of croup; solid back.  She does not have the outreaching gait
of the Winners and Reserve Winner’s Bitches, but I believe she will be a Champion.  

2nd Mardon’s Louise. A lovely bitch with a very smooth, outreaching
gait; good solid back; ears could be more firm; a little wide going away

3rd Utopia’s Persuasion.  By Ch Ken Delaines Taylor made and Utopias
Riverdales Scenario.  A very dark bitch of nice type.  Could be a little
more extending in movement. A nice package.  Seemed a little unsettled.

4th Ponca Hills Sassafras.  By Ch Caralands Unlimited and Ponca Hills
Kylie.  A rather large bitch; good movement.

Best of Breed

Breauhausen’s Titanic.  By Trafalgars Nightquest Kismet and Ro-Ans
Scarlet Lace. I understand this dog finished his Championship on Friday
night under Joan Fox.  A large black and tan masculine male with very
outreaching movement and good follow-through.  He has a very smooth,
coordinated gait and excellent temperament.  A deserving Champion.

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