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  4 points Dogs     4 points Bitches
Many thanks to the Memphis Club in providing me with the best hospitality ever.  Beautiful showgrounds, lovely weather, great people and quality dogs made my stay a complete pleasure.  There was a lot of quality in males as well as in bitches.  I noticed that many of the males had nice short hocks and tight feet and masculinity.  The bitches were exceptionally nice, as usual. They had nice toplines, good mouths, with only one with a missing 2nd premolar.  Handlers were all cooperative and moved the dogs in the way I wanted...no racing, and a loose leash at least one time.

Puppy Dogs  6 - 9
Rosewood's Prototype - Very nice, black and rich tan puppy with short hocks, nice tight feet, good head, full dentition. He has a hard back, good croup, nice outreaching sidegait, with good forehand and rear drive.  Nice angles front and rear, and a good temperament

Puppy Dogs  9-12
Hickoryhills Raging Bull V Pilgrim - A good sized, black and tan, heavy boned puppy. He has nice short hocks, a little light in eye, full dentition, good head, nice outreaching sidegait.  He lifted in front at first, but when he settled down, his front looked fine.

12-18 Dogs
Cresthers Midas Jada V Kenlyn -Very handsome breed type, nice angles front and rear, beautiful head piece, full dentition, heavy boned.  He is black and tan, with really nice dark almond eyes, good front extension and follows through with a ground covering side gait and really good suspension.

Novice Dog
SKJ's Von Anvil Jones - dark and light tan, pretty type, good coming and going with a nice temperament

American Bred Dogs,  Reserve Winners Dog
Rosewood's Adonis of Anne-Isle -  a very handsome heavy boned dog, strong, masculine type,  He took a longer stride than #2.  Very good head, dark eye, full dentition, good angles front and rear, with nice short hocks. A bit long in body, but I liked his long stride, with good forehand and follow through. A strong contender for Winners.

Open Dogs - Winners Dog, Best of Winners
Abraxas promises of Gold - A very handsome black and tan male with a really smooth and easy sidegait.  He is very balanced front and rear, with a nice hard back and high wither.  He is masculine, with a good male head, nice dark eye, full dentition. He extends well in forehand with good rear follow through.  He carries a good topline on a loose leash.  My type of dog.  He was hard pressed by the Reserve dog, but won on his consistency in gaiting and effortless motion.
6-9 Puppy Bitches
Chablis Cuervo Gold Inflight -  Nice bitches in this class.  Beautiful sable bitch, very smooth gait, very consistent in gaiting.  She has good front reach and rear follow through.  I would like to see a little more length of croup. She has a nice feminine head, full dentition and very good bone. She was unable to compete for Best Puppy due to the 9-12 Puppy defeating her by going Reserve.  However, she would have been a contender.

9-12 Puppy Bitches, Reserve Winners Bitch, Best Puppy
Tokaye-Linter Diamond Lil - A simply gorgeous black and tan puppy.  Nothing much I  can say wrong with her.  She is one I would love to own. She has an excellent back, high wither, beautiful rear angulation, good length of croup, short hocks, good bone, full dentition, dark eye.  She has a beautiful long neckpiece sloping into a good layback of shoulder.  A ground covering sidegait with excellent forehand and rear follow through.   She is clean coming and going.  Good temperament.  Just stunning.

12-18 Bitches
Abraxas Unbridled Passion - Nice bitches in this class.  She was the smoothest in side gait, with a hard back, nice reach and drive when she settled down. Pretty  breed type.  I loved #2 (Kenlyn's Mademoiselle V. Jada) very much, who was a large substantial bitch.  She wasn't as consistent in gaiting...has to settle down with more ring training.  Truly a lovely moving bitch who I could only see one really good pass.

Novice Bitches
Schneiderhof's Highland Princess - Very nice, dark black and light tan, petite bitch . She has nice angles front and rear, with a very nice sidegait.  She likes to race, but when she settles down and moves the way I want her to, she looks very nice.  She has a good forehand and rear follow through.  She has a pretty feminine head, dark eyes, full dentition and good temperament. Has to slow down to be recognized and almost lost it because she didn't want to slow down.
American Bred Bitches, Winners Bitch
LeBarlands Savannah - A lovely deep black and tan bitch with a lovely head, dark eyes, full dentition.  She has a perfect ground covering sidegait with a nice long stride.  She can go nice and easy which I like and still carry a good topline and never misses a step. She has an excellent forehand and rear follow through with a hard back on a loose leash.  A very nice bitch with a good temperament.

Open Bitch
Colby of Oh-My - Nice typey bitch with a good forehand and rear follow through She is very pretty with a nice feminine head, full dentition, dark eyes.  She has a nice balanced side gait. I liked her nice turn of stifle and short hocks.  She was also a contender for Winners and Reserve.

Best of Breed 
 Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham, FV, HIC,  -  From a class of very nice
Specials made my job difficult,  ...or maybe easy.  A large black and rich tan male with a beautiful topline, sensational ground covering gait, with obvious suspension.  He has a handsome head, although I would like a wider scull for this dog's size, dark eye, full dentition, excellent temperament.  Nice short hocks, hard back, excellent in forehand, traveling close to the ground, with an extremely strong rear with great follow through.  He has a nice long stride.  Loved his sparkling white teeth!

Best Opposite Sex
Ch. Glendhenmere's Dandelion Days - A dark and reddish  tan,  nice little mover, and good breed type.  She  is very feminine with a petty head, nice long neck, good temperament and a very willing mover.  Good in forehand and rear drive. 

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