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  4 points Dogs     4 points Bitches

A great day in California and wonderful people, and goodsportsmanship made my day.   Special thanks to Tom and Vivian Brown who videotaped the placings for me.  The quality in dogs was excellent.  Vast improvement in rear follow through here.  I did see some bad backs, which I think need topline improvement.  Shoulders were good., and no problem with missing teeth.   However, the bitch classes were superb, especially the American Bred bitch class.  Not an easy job to pick the four top ones when all of them were tops. Somehow, my tape got erased going through the x-ray machines at the airport, so I must do this from memory. 

American Bred Dog
Adrahaus Titian V. Winddancer - Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace ex Ken Delaines Macy  - A medium size dog with excellent male characteristics.  He came in the ring  too exuberant at first but when he settled his motion was excellent.  He has the proper shoulder opening and good rear follow through.  This dog got  better as he went.

Reserve WD 
Novice Dog
Shadow Acre Pretender Jericho - Ch. Schokrest Denver ex Ch. Jericho's Cacique  - A beautiful breed type with a lovely outline standing and in motion.  He is  very elegant and has good shoulder opening with good rear drive.    I liked  my 2nd American Bred and Open Dog also.

Utopia's Paperback Romance - Ch. Jericho's Gatinieau ex Utopia's Episode V.  Bachachers - A gorgeous red sable who is feminine and a knock out in motion.   She is hard to miss.  She has a good front, hard back and good rear with  broad thighs.  She may be a little extreme in rear angulation but she is  clean and uses it perfectly.  I had to tell the handler to slow her down as  she loves to race, and she almost lost it.  However, she did slow her down on  a loose leash and could see the excellent motion in this bitch.

This American Bred Bitch class had a total of 10 bitches who were 
outstanding ... all of them.  It was most difficult to pick out the top four and it went on my preference drawing fine lines.  No one was placed after the first four in any order because of their quality.  The breeders of these fine animals should be proud.

Reserve WB
Monsville Luna of Jericho - Ch. Asgards Big Deal of Encore ex Savegeau's  Crumper of Jericho - A lovely sable.  She has a hard back and good forehand  and rear follow through and good temperament.  Shown on loose leash she never  lost her outline.  Nice class of bitches.

My winners line up in these bitches took my breath away.  I was considering  the 9-12 puppy bitch for winners, but with so many quality bitches in the American Bred and Open classes, I went with the outstanding Utopia's  Paperback Romance who finished this day.

9-12 Puppy Bitch
Nike Clayfield first Lady -Ch. Tanglewood Joshua of Kengin ex Ch. Nike  Clayfield First Love - Now this is breed type.  So utterly feminine, gorgeous  head and expression, long neck, hard back, good forehand and rear follow through.  She is very finished looking at this point.   Looked great on a  loose leash as well.

Best of Breed
Ch. Asgard's Big Deal of encore - Ch. Jercho's Gatineau ex Asgards Baja of  Jolyn - A large, very dark sable, masculine dog.  His back is strong, good in  forehand and rear follow through.  Temperament is impeccable.  He never lost  his outline on a loose leash and he seemed to glory in his showmanship.  An  excellent male specimen.

Best Opposite Sex
Ch. Rivendell's Nemesis - Leiter's Firecracker - Rivendell' Witchy Woman -  Lovely, feminine, fleet moving bitch.  She carried a beautiful outline in  motion with her hard back, good forehand and rear drive.

Lovely class of Specials, all of them very special to me.

Jr. Handlers:
I was so please to see these three Jr. Handlers, who in my opinion were the  best German Shepherd junior handlers I have seen..all three of them showed  the dogs to perfection, and knew how to gait a shepherd.  Jessica Lilley.   Travis Putnam, and Amy Kaser.   Amy Kaser was awarded Best Junior Handler.

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