Complied By Liana New
List Members were asked What they gave their New Puppy Owners
And here is what they said:
*  Potential puppy buyers fill out an information sheet determining whether we want to even consider placing a puppy or dog in their home 
*  Meet with buyers at least twice for at least an hour and a-half one of
    those times before they buy a pup, more for an adult dog
*  Identification recommendations
*  Basic obedience recommendations
*  Instruction to new owners to call with ANY problems. 
*  A puppy book made specifically  for new owner(s)
*  Vet listing for their area
*  General puppy care information 
*  Public Education Information from the AKC.  The Responsible Dog Ownership Packet, Before You Buy A Dog, Coloring Book, Bookmark and other available material from the AKC at no charge.
*  A puppy fact sheet
*  Feeding handling and care instructions
*  Socializing your German Shepherd (or puppy) information
*  Crate training and housebreaking information
*  Suggested shots for future 
*  Heartworm preventative schedule
*  Training information
*  List of related web sites or lists
*  List of related email addresses
*  Reference sheet with descriptions for titles that the dogs have earned
*  Kennel history
*  Application for puppy kindergarten
*  Registration form for an obedience class with the class schedule 
*  Application to the Local All Breed Club
*  Application to the Local German Shepherd Dog Club
*  Application to the GSDCA
*  Blank  AKC entry form 
*  Phone number to subscribe to Onofrio etc.
*  Pay for their first herding lesson 
*  Contract
*  Contract with spay/neuter requirements
*  Written contract on the sale/ transfer with guarantees regarding registration slips
*  A copy of the German Shepherd Standard (American and German)
*  Pedigree six generation with all OFA ,CERF, AKC numbers, colors etc. 
*  Documentation of titles, copies of certificates (TC, HIC, CD CH etc....) 
*  Proof of OFA, for parents
*  Puppy Personality Profile (and how their puppy negotiated it)
*  Any preliminary hip and elbow evaluations of pup
Photo or Video Documentation 
*  Pictures of them (first born and once a week 'till they are gone) 
*  Pictures of the parents (Frameable)
*  Pictures of other dogs in the pedigree
*  Video tape of the sire and dam in every situation
Medical and Health 
*  Puppy weight chart from birth, daily for a week and then weekly
*  Veterinarian's Certificate, all injections given and current
*  Heartworm preventative for one week
*  Vitamins
*  Mirco chipping information
*  Nail care and grooming information
*  Poisonous plant list and poison control number
*  Information on torsion
*  Information on ears and pasterns
*  Reminder for shots with an offer to do them free
*  Dog food coupons
*  Forty pounds of dog food
*  Meat
*  Purina, Iams or Pedigree puppy packet stuff 
*  The original rick rack baby color that was worn by the dog
*  Color coordinated leashes and collars with matching bag to carry all of  the new  information
*  Adult dogs a collar with brass plate bearing Seller's name, address and phone number
*  Tennis ball
*  Puppy cookies
*  Fleece toy
*  A copy of the Review
*  General pet supply catalogs
*  A shopping list
*  Articles of interest to pet owners or experienced dog people.  Humorous, informative, health issues, nutrition, raw foods, herbal remedies, training  etc.
*  Scan all information and save on CD Rom
Follow Up 
*  Call them 2 -3 days after the puppy leaves to follow up on the  puppy's clean bill of  health
*  Call weekly for at least a month
*  Call once a month for the next couple of months. 
*  Demand for new pictures and updates
*  Have a one year birthday party. 


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