Judge - Frank Tate
  Yesterday, I had the honor of judging Rockland County's first back to back show!  Lots of Listers showed up considering it was a work day.  Miguel Betancourt, lost without his lovely wife and help mate Beth, Trish Wylie with some old guy in tow(old enough to be her father)<G>.  There was even a new (to me at least) young handler, named Pam Roose.  Then there was the ever anxious 
and nervous Zoe Backman, with her unique doubling technique for all breed shows.  Perhaps more on that later.  Believe it or not, considering we were in the NE corridor and this being such 
a small Friday show and all, we had animals here, sired by Ben(Evan & Tedi) in California, Ann Schultz in Michigan and Deeda Duncan, who I believe is from North Carolina.  

WD & BOS - Am Bred dog -Espionage of Edan - Bred and Co-owned by Ann Schultz and handled by her co-owner Pamela Roose!  This is a large strapping youngster.  Clean at both ends.  BONE.  Good ears, mouth and temperment, good ring presence for such a yound dog.  He beat out a very nice young dog who went

RWD 12-18 Dog - Breauhausen's Code Red - Bred by Leon and Betty Breault and Virginia Farnswoth and owned by the very gracious and bubbly Kathy Salvucci.  This dog was very dry with a nice high wither and good back for such a young dog.  showed great attitude and good temperament.  Good mouth, feet, bone, temperament. The difference was inconsistentcy.  The older dog just had a better day, but  I felt either dog could have represented us in the group that day.

My surprise of the day, even to myself when I was forced to make my final decision, was.....

BOB,BOW,WB  9-12 Puppy Bitch LEALYNN'S DARK ANGEL V ASGARD.Breeder Liz Leschhorn and Owned by Dr Zoe M and daughter Janyne Backman & Liz Leschhorn.
This bitch had a good time. I had to get down to examine her mouth as
she kept trying to find her "mommy" who was standing "frozen like" at the entrance to the ring.  I asker her handler Trish Wylie to wave her away as the AKC Rep was observing us the whole time.  Trish gave the owner her "GLARE", I kneeled down, the dog relaxed and we got on with things.  What a beautiful easy sidegait this young lady had.  Even the Rep and another judge at ringside came up afterwards and said they agreed with my eventual choice.  She was a  darkly pigmented bitch.  Nice back, decent feet, beautiful profile, good back and wither.  The puppy could be faulted some on looseness 
going away and on occasion would kick out the right rear hock ...slightly. Good bite.. This dog and handler must have been
practicing.  This is one of those animals that if moved too fast or slow,
could distort its appearence.  The handler refused to lose her cool even though being pushed by a very decent open bitch with Miguel Betancourt that went ...

RWB Open Bitch D'Cans Forever Love  Breeder /Owner Deeda Duncan Again a nicely dark pigmented bitch.  Good mouth, bone, feet, etc  Great temperment, attitude, really wanted to go...which perhaps, caused her the loss.  She performed much better in her class win then she did in the finals  for winners bitch.

I want to thank those exhibitors who manged to come, skipping a days
work and all.  Because of some surprise expressed to me regarding some of my winning choices, even by the winning exhibitors, I did want to add something that might help those that are considering entering dogs under me in the future.   Neither of the dogs were Richly pigmented.  That is to say, they were not dark like my Uncus or Cora, or  the rich Black and Red of my Bubba. Both bitches were. Sometimes, as provisional judges, people assume that we can only put up an animal like the ones we have shown in the past.  You know
what I mean, same color, same size, same movement.  Of course, all judges have preferences.  But a judge must judge on the quality and type presented to them at any given show, not necessarily by size and pigmentation.

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