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  5 points Dogs     3 points Bitches

With the opening of the show, a  moment of silence was had in the memory of revered member, Judy Deane.  The hospitality extended to me by Gail Steifferman was great, as well as other members of this fine Club.  Beautiful showgrounds and very nice quality of dogs and bitches.  There were seven bitches that could have easily been Winners Bitch at this show.  No problems with teeth and bites but temperaments on some youngsters need improvement, as well as one of my best bitches.  I must make mention of an up and coming
young handler, Ashley Douglas, who could really keep up with the professionals.

6-9 Puppy Dogs

1-Utopia's Fugitive - Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace x Utopia's SigAlert 
Lovely black and tan puppy with very good forehand and rear follow through.  He carried a nice topline, good temperament.  Certainly could be a contender for Best Puppy, but the 9-12 was my Reserve winner, and he could not compete

9-12 Puppy Dogs, Best Puppy, Reserve Winners Dog

1 - T-Ho's For Whom The Bell Tolls - Ch. Asgard's Big Ben of Encore x T-Ho's Shotgun Weddin v Barque  
A very handsome good-sized  puppy.  He is outstanding in breed type with a large, masculine head, dark eye, full dentition, dark black and tan, and excellent temperament.  He extends well in
front with a hard driving rear and follow through.  He carries a nice topline on a loose leash, high wither and hard back and extends well at any speed. Very promising, a male I would love to own

12 -18 Dog

1 - Rhinemaiden Bodaus Lebarland - Ch. Aztec' Kodak x Helmic Steffi Covy Tucker Hill 
Nice topline in motion, good breed type, nice broad stifle and
short hocks.  Nice extension in stride.  Very masculine.

Novice Dogs

1 - Three D's Wyatt Earp - Ch. Topflight's Laredo V. Freeling x Ch. Three D's
Oh My - Very exciting moving dog.  Had to slow him down to zero in on his sidegait.  Nice topline in motion, hard back and nice forehand, excellent rear drive.

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs

1 - Carousel Farms Cosby Elkhill - Winsome's Albear Einstein x Ch. KenDelaine's Carousel 
Very handsome male, nice suspension and definitely all- breed type as well as specialty.  Good hard back and masculine.

American Bred Dogs

1 - Schneiderhof's Highlander - Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag x Kasandans Cracklin Rosie 
Nice extension and good rear follow through.  Carried a good topline in motion.  Had to slow this one down also who then showed nice outline in motion.  Rear drive made the decision over a very nice #2. 

Open Dogs, Winners Dog

1 - Jadon's Mike Tyson - Ch. Rivaden's Billyboy Rollingreen x Palamor's Haley
A lovely sable, a bit out of coat, but you could see his good hard back, nice topline in motion.  He is good in forehand and rear follow through. Nice long neck, masculine head, excellent temperament.   He covers ground by taking a nice long stride.  He took a very bad spill with his handler, but he got up, shook his head and gaited without missing a step.  I understand this was his second show and second 5 pointer.  

6 -9 Puppy Bitches

1 - Utopia's Cliche - Ch. Rohan's Glass Palace x Utopia's Sig alert  A very pretty black and tan puppy.   Good in forehand and rear drive.  Very nice breed type and good temperament.

9-12 Puppy Bitches

1 - Schneiderhof's Celtic Star - Schneiderhof's Highlander x Glendhenmere's Quintessance 
Lovely sable puppy, well-named, a real little star.  She was
very exuberant, but when her handler got her under control, she displayed excellent forehand and beautiful rear, short hocks.  She has a nice long neck, beautiful feminine head, and good temperament.

12-18 Bitches, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners

1 - Tokaye-Linter Diamond Lil - Ch. Aztec's Kodak x Ch. Covy Tucker Hill' s Roma Amo 
A very pretty  black and tan bitch with breed type personified.
She takes a nice long stride using her excellent forehand with a beautiful driving rear.  She has a long neck, hard back and a lovely topline at all speeds.  Feminine head, dark eye, full dentition and good temperament.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches, Best Bred By Exhibitor (Nice to have a club offer this class.)

1 - Carousel Farms Samantha - Ch. Castlehill's Mystery x Ch. Ken-Delaines Carousel  
Very pretty bitch with good forehand and rear follow through.  Good topline in motion.  She is very impressive with her lovely breed type and extension.

American Bred Bitches, Reserve Winners Bitch

I went back and forth on the first two bitches, both top bitches.
1 - Mardon's Louise - Kansten's Jim Dandy x Mardon's Yelda - Vigorous moving bitch with nice forehand and hard driving rear.  Would like a longer neck, but that did not hinder her extended reach.  Decision between the two was a tad better in front and consistency in gaiting.

Open Bitches

1 - BenJo's Encore-Encore - Ch. Survival Windigails Highroller x Landmark's Erica of Alator 
Good topline in motion, very nice forehand and rear. Lovely type, good temperament. Takes a nice long stride.

Best of Breed    (Really excellent specials)

Ch. Abraxas Promises of Gold - Survival Alator's Frontiersman x Abraxas Faith A large stallion type male that covered ground with a lovely suspension, very smooth.   He never missed a step.  Good topline in motion, hard back, good male head   Very masculine and handsome.  Nice long stride.  He has good temperament.

 Best of Winners - Tokaye-Linter Diamond Lil

Best Opposite Sex

Ch. Lebarland's Savannah - Ch. Aztec's Kodak x Caralon's Queen of Harts
Beautiful bitch, with great extension in motion.  She has a nice long neck, hard back, takes a long stride. Good temperament.  Very nice breed type.

Best of Winners -Tokaye-Linter Diamond Lil   

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