Judge - Paul Root
  The weekend began and ended as the "Trip from Hell". Delayed flights, rude Airline employees, and lost luggage were the norm. However, after a trip to the Super Kmart to obtain suitable attire to judge the Show, I entered into an "Oasis" that was to make the experience all worthwhile. 

The weather was super as were the quality of the dogs, sportsmanship, and the excellent efforts of the Topline Crew. This is what makes Judging fun.

1st American Bred…Winners Dog…Best Opposite Sex-"Falcon's Ezra Du Chien"…This is fine animal with an iron back. He moves easily with a ground-covering gait on a loose lead. He got better as the class went on and again in Winners. He was pushed by the Reserve dog and the 12-18 dog, Jo-Wins Main Street. It is a pleasure to watch such fine animals working in harmony in your ring…and the pleasure was mine.

1st Open Dog…Reserve Winners Dog- "Merivern's Harlem of Eko-Lan"…Another fine example of our breed. Sound in body and a temperament to die for. He gave me kisses on the individual. His willingness to please and correct movement will take him far.

1st Open Bitch…Winners Bitch…Best of Winners- "We Love Du Chien's Beatrice"…"She could herd sheep all day"…is a phrase that comes to mind. Her effortless gait carried her to Winners bitch over several other worthy bitches. There is symmetry in this girl that as the Standard alludes…"Is unmistakable when present". 

2nd Open Bitch…Reserve Winners Bitch-"Mardons Louise"…The Germans have a word for Balance…"Gestalt"…Louise is Gestalt. This girl went easy, loose, and was gorgeous. My decision was anything but easy. 

*Claiming a Judges right of privilege…a tip o' the hat to the American Bred winner "Schneiderhof's Highland Princess"…a lovely bitch that showed quality structure, beautiful movement, and a heart.

Best Puppy…9-12 Bitch- "Scher-Lo's Ramblin' Rose"…Once we got her slowed down she won her class. When she slowed down in Winners she moved up. Did I like her? You bet. She's in for a fine career and it shouldn't take long!

Best of Breed…"CH Jo-Win's Remember Me V Krez"…A simply "Stunning" bitch that I would own in a heartbeat. Rarely, have I seen one so close to what the Standard requests in type and movement. When I saw her go Select at the Nationals I admired her from afar. Having had my hands on her and watching her up close and personal…she is better yet. Wowzers…

Once again my sincere thanks to all that made this "Oasis" such a pleasant one. I was supposed to arrive in Chicago around 6:00 PM for dinner and some quiet socialization…I got there at 11:45, fit to be tied. Thanks to Jennifer Stark who hovered around O'Hare for 5 hours and got me to my Hotel around 2:00 AM. The entire "Topline Crew" is a class act and a pleasure to Judge for. They've got this "Deep Dish Pizza" in Chicago that's……

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