Some people who breed animals know nothing about what they are doing. They take two animals and make them breed with each other. Breeding animals is supposed to be done in a certain way with all the right information, but these people do not care.

Fifi does not need to have babies to feel complete. Many dogs in the wild don’t get the chance to have puppies. And when they do, it is often with bad temperaments or genetic defects. It also gives all dog owners a bad name.

The worst part is that they will get rid of a litter for $100 per AKC registered puppy (and breedable). You can buy one for $100, and it might be able to have more puppies. These puppies are not well-bred. It’s better to spend more money on a real dog so you can have one that has been well bred and guaranteed.

Many responsible breeders sold puppies with a spay or neuter clause. They did this before the limited registration.

The AKC started a limited registration. I could sell my pets with a clean conscience. People would not be able to breed an animal that had problems, or breed for fun and profit (what profit?).

If someone says they want a pet, but they also want to breed them, I tell them that this is not the same thing. Sometimes it’s better to show them another dog instead of the one that they wanted.

People who want to own dogs cannot get a registration. I am disappointed in this. People who create backyard dogs should not be able to get a registration and people who work with dogs should be able to get more registrations.

I think that all litters should be issued limited registration certificates and at one year of age, those animals that have been evaluated by the breeder and two AKC judges who meet the breed standard can be upgraded to breedable status.

In Germany, Sweden and Norway, dogs can only be bred if they are approved. Dogs must get titles and show good litters for approval.

If American dogs were restricted in some way, the Midwest puppy mills would not be able to sell their sick puppies. The breeder who has dogs at home would not be able to sell them either. Most breeds of dog would benefit from this rule because it limits how many dogs are bred.

I met a lady at a show who wanted to know when she could breed her pup. I know that she has one litter every year. She wants to know when is the best time for her.

I saw Fifi and thought she was a mix of a shepherd and a sheltie. I asked, “Why would you want to have mixed-breed pups?”

The reply came back and said, “Can’t you tell an AKC Shepherd when you see one? I thought that you were a Shepherd breeder.” But in fact…

All they saw when they looked at Fifi lovingly was the wonderful pet that they loved and adored. They did not see the small, poorly pigmented animal, which is different from what people think of as a standard for this breed.

Rather than insult the woman, I and other people tried to stress the expenses of breeding a litter. We calculated that it will cost about $1,205-2155 (add an extra $500-800 if you need a c-section).

Then we told her that Fifi was very lovable because what she, the owner, put into her animal. And besides, it is possible that she could lose her beloved Fifi due to a complication at birth!

The woman would not change her mind about breeding her dog and selling AKC registered puppies, even though the breed standard calls for a different type of dog.

She did not know what OFA was. She also did not think about testing her dog for any diseases.

Breeding animals is not always a good thing. This is because some animals have been ruined and people do not like it. I am not saying that only AKC champions should be bred.

I am suggesting that only AKC registered dogs of the breed standard be allowed to make puppies. This can be done by using a limited registration as normal, and the extra cost as the dog breedable registration.

Additionally, dogs should be surveyed at a show that is for them. That way people can see the dogs and find the perfect one. Sometimes there are restrictions or limits on what kind of dog you can have.

All dogs should be tattooed so that the breed is identified. Some backyard breeders don’t know they are hurting a dog by not knowing what it is.

I want to help people who love dogs and want to protect their breed by informing them about what is good for the dog. I think that all breeds of pure-bred dogs need to be protected.

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